Why You Should Switch to Using Natural and Organic Skin Care Products

Most likely you are concerned about the quality of the food you eat. You want to know where it was grown or produced, what type of chemicals or preservatives it contains, and whether it might have been grown using pesticides and herbicides. Most health conscious people do their best to avoid eating things that could be dangerous or harmful to their bodies. Many people also care about whether the food they eat was ethically produced in terms of treatment of livestock and land use. If you are one of these people who are concerned about what goes into your body, you should also care about the chemicals and preservatives you might unknowingly be using on your skin. 

Many skin care products contain ingredients that are potentially harmful and might even damage your skin if used over a long period of time. Luckily, there are organic and natural skin care products that are free of harmful ingredients that can help you achieve naturally beautiful skin and avoid chemicals, artificial ingredients and preservatives at the same time.

Check out the tips below to learn why you should consider switching to natural and organic skin care products.

Your Skin Absorbs Anything You Put on It

Because your skin is porous, your body naturally absorbs any products you use to clean or moisturize it. Most likely, you wear gloves when you are working with motor oil or gasoline, so it doesn’t make sense to use a skin cream made with similar petrochemicals like petroleum and mineral oil, which can end up in your blood stream and be a potential cause of health problems.

Organic and Natural Skin Care and Beauty Products are Effective

You don’t need chemicals to get good results. Natural products contain compounds found in nature, like tea tree oil for treating acne or vitamin C to brighten up aging skin. Many skin care professionals feel that organic skin care products are even more effective than their artificial cousins. Ingredients such as organically grown herbs, wild plants such as seaweed, and minerals from the earth contain natural compounds and vitamins that are easy for you body to utilize because they come from nature. 

In addition to being free of harmful chemicals, natural skin care products are also safer for those with allergies and sensitive skin.

Organic Skin Care Products Can Be Purchased Just About Anywhere

Whether you prefer to buy your skin care products online, at the drug store, or at the mall, finding a wide selection of organic and natural products is easier now than ever before. As organic and natural skin care products have become more popular and are produced by more manufacturers, they have also become more affordable.

Organic and Natural Skin Care Products are Not Tested on Animals

If you are concerned about whether the products you buy are cruelty free, you can feel good about buying natural and organic skin care products. Nearly all of the companies that manufacture these types of products pledge not to test them on animals. By switching to organic and natural skin care products you not are not only doing something good for yourself, you are casting a vote for cruelty free manufacturing practices and putting pressure on companies that continue to test their products on animals.

Natural and Organic Skin Care Products are Better for the Earth

Naturally derived and organically grown ingredients help keep the soil, air and water free from pollution caused by toxic chemicals, pesticides and herbicides, and they don’t harm wildlife. Many of the toxic compounds used in conventional skin care products also don’t decompose, causing them to accumulate in the water and air. This is especially true of compounds included in products like bar soaps and cleansers that wash down the drain after use. Some ingredients used in non-organic products are themselves bad for the environment, like conventionally grown palm oil, which is often grown on farmland that comes from rainforest deforestation.

Organic farming methods don’t disrupt natural ecosystems or food chains by killing or damaging animals and plants. By buying natural and organic skin care products you are helping to prevent pollution and environmental destruction.

The American Skin Care Industry is Not Well Regulated

Unlike the food we eat, the government does not regulate skin care products sold in the U.S. Skin care products can legally contain many types of chemicals, even those that have not been proved safe or are known to be harmful in some concentrations. When you use organic skin care products you won’t have to worry about harmful chemicals or other ingredients.