5 Safe and Effective Ways to Remove Unwanted Hair

It is a problem that just about everyone faces at one time or another. Unwanted hair on your face of body can make you feel less than attractive at best. But safely and effectively removing unwanted hair can be tricky. There are several methods for removing unwanted hair, but with so many options how do you know which ones really work, or which are best for you and your skin type?

Read on to learn about five safe and effective ways to remove unwanted hair either temporarily or permanently so that you can look your best the next time you head to the beach for the day or get dressed up for an evening on the town.


Shaving is the oldest and probably the most reliable way of removing unwanted hair. And depending what part of your body you want to remove hair from, shaving can be very safe and effective. Using a razor to remove unwanted hair is probably best done on areas of the body that are not too sensitive, such as your legs. Before shaving, make sure that you are using a clean, sharp razor — the sharper your razor is, the less likely it is that you will cut yourself or end up with ingrown hairs or razor burn. If your razor is more than a month or two old, or if you notice rust spots on the blade, get rid of it and get a new one. You will also want to use a good quality shaving cream or shaving soap and plenty of warm water for rinsing. Leaving shaving cream residue on your skin can cause irritation.

The effects of shaving last only a day or two, so if this is your preferred hair removal method you will have to get into the habit of shaving often.

Hair Removal Creams and Gels

Several types of hair removal creams and gels are available at just about any drug store. The advantages of using one of these products includes not having to worry about cutting yourself shaving and a lowered risk of skin irritation. Hair removal creams and gels are also great for travel because you can use them just about anywhere. When using one of these hair removal products, it is important to follow the directions on the packaging closely. Leaving the gel or cream on your skin for too long can cause a rash or irritation to develop. The effects of most hair removal creams and gels last from a few days up to a week, depending on the person using them and the part of the body the product was used on.


Usually done in a salon, waxing involves spreading a thin layer of hot wax on the area you want to remove hair from, waiting for it to cool, and then using a strip of fabric to remove the wax and hair together quickly. An experienced technician can perform this procedure so that the client feels very little pain or discomfort. Waxing is highly effective way of removing hair, and it works well on more sensitive areas of the body, such as the eyebrows, armpits or bikini line, leaving skin super smooth with little or no irritation. The effects of waxing can last up to several weeks. Because it must usually be done in a salon, however, waxing might not be a good choice if you are in a hurry or are away from home.


Perhaps the least irritating way to remove unwanted hair, the practice of threading, also called epilation, originated in Asia and has recently grown in popularity in the United States. Most often performed in a salon, threading involves twisting a cotton or polyester thread over areas where unwanted hair grows. The thread pulls the hair out at the root, making threading’s effects fairly long lasting. A talented threading technician can remove hair with a remarkable amount of precision, making it a good choice for shaping eyebrows and removing hair from the upper lip. While threading salons are becoming more popular, they still might be difficult to find in some parts of the country.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal gets rid of unwanted hair permanently, making it a great choice for people who are tired of shaving or who have a lot of unwanted hair. The procedure is usually done by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon who uses a laser to destroy the follicles of unwanted hair so that it will not regrow. Laser Hair Removal can be expensive, but because it is permanent many people are willing to pay the high fees.