Four Ways To Ged Rid Of Unwanted Hair-No Razors Involved

Unwanted hair can be a serious problem. Whether you want to wear shorts or a bikini or whether you’re just feeling self-conscious about those odd hairs growing out of your chain, finding a way to remove those stray strands couldn’t be more important. However shaving isn’t always the best solution. Not only can shaving make hair appear darker and thicker due to the blunt ends that it leaves, it’s only a very brief solution since hair will immediately start growing back as soon as you put the razor down. Also, many people find that they suffer from an unsightly and painful shaving rash due to ingrown hairs which can make using a razor a torturous experience.


While some women are perfectly happy to forego hair removal, others are horrified at the idea that other people might look at their furry legs and overgrown armpits. If that sounds like you, you aren’t alone. The key is to find the right way for you to get rid of that unwanted hair without causing yourself any pain or stress and in as convenient a way as possible.

If you want to remove those unwanted hairs without using a razor, here are four options you could try.

Use Wax

Wax is a popular choice among those who are looking for a long lasting alternative to shaving. Although it certainly isn’t painless, the latest wax strips kits won’t cause you agony, and they’re certainly affordable. You can choose from hot or cold wax, and there are different types and sizes of strips available to suit different parts of the body so you can simplify the process as much as possible.

You could even go to a salon to get waxed professionally. While this isn’t cheap, you can expect a very professional result and your skin will stay wonderfully smooth for many weeks. This is the perfect option before heading off on vacation.

Epilatory Creams

Epilatory creams are a quick, hassle-free solution for anyone who doesn’t want to use a razor. There are a number of preparations available for use these days, and they don’t smell as bad as they used to. In fact, some brands even have a pleasant fragrance which you may enjoy. There are also sensitive skin versions for those who are prone to rashes and soreness.

Although not entirely mess-free, epilatory creams are a fairly speedy and convenient solution. You won’t have to run the risk of cutting yourself and they’re painless – unlike waxing which can smart a little! The results are also relatively long lasting, although not as long lasting as wax.

Electric Shaver

If you really can’t face the fear of handling a manual razor with its sharp edges and pain potential, there is an excellent alternative which is just as convenient and quick – an electric shaver. Foil shavers are incredibly convenient to use and can be taken anywhere. Some are battery operated and others plug into the mains, however all are simple to use and produce great results. There are models which are perfect for all areas of the body – some have interchangeable heads so you can trim your legs, armpits and bikini line. Perfect!


Although epilation isn’t pain free either, it certainly produces long lasting results. Epilators are easy to take wherever you go. Some are plugged in and others operate with a battery, but all are used in the same way. You’ll have wonderfully smooth legs, armpits and bikini line and the hair won’t grow back for several weeks. The latest models are pretty simple to use, and many of them have been designed to minimize discomfort so you won’t be in agony. They’re pretty affordable too so you needn’t worry about investing in one.

So, there you have it. Four ways to remove unwanted body hair that doesn’t involve getting out a manual razor and shaving cream. You’re sure to be impressed by how convenient these four options are, and you’ll be delighted at how long the results can last when compared to shaving. Your skin will be wonderfully smooth and hair-free and you’ll feel more body positive and confident every day, whether you’re on vacation or whether you’re at home.