Secrets to Having a Naturally Beautiful Skin

The desire to look beautiful and attractive has always been there among human beings, especially women. However, the standards of beauty have evolved from time to time. For a long time, women have restricted themselves to temporary cosmetic fixes in order to look attractive. However, in the recent past no-makeup looks and minimal makeup concept has encouraged people to strive for naturally healthy skin. Unfortunately, the kind of lifestyle, environment, and habits that we have adopted unconsciously in this era, anything natural, including beauty has taken a back seat and we tend to look for shortcuts using artificial products and procedures.


Interestingly, attaining a naturally beautiful, youthful and radiant skin is not all that impossible. A bit of smart planning, research and tweaking up our habits can get us there easily. Here are a few secrets that can help you attain that naturally flawless skin that you have always dreamt of.

Understand Your Skin

Just like everybody is different, every mind works differently and every personality is different, your skin is also distinctive in its features and characteristics. That is why the first step to having great skin is to understand what type of skin do you have and what are its specific needs and requirements. Understanding your skin will help you decide better about what foods to avoid, what to consume more and what type of products to use avoid using. Even using the best skin care products from the most high-end brands is futile if they are not fit for your skin type. Understanding your skin includes knowing what type of skin do you have, what type of ingredients does it react to and what type of skin issues are you exactly trying to address. 

Skincare Regime

Once you have figured out what exactly your skin needs are, what type of skin do you have and what specific skin issues do you have, develop a skincare routine. That does not mean investing time and money in salons every week, but investing in some good skincare products that will help you treat your skin issues. When picking up products for your skin care routine, make sure the product is made for your skin type, the specific skin problem you are trying to address and will work well in the environment that you live in. For example, certain products that are designed to work in drier climates do not work as effectively in more humid conditions. 

For beginners, or for people who do not have time to research every product, it is highly recommended that you check out products by Proven. Although there are many great skincare brands in the market, what makes Proven stand out is the fact that it assesses individual skin types on various parameters such as lifestyle, habits, environment, etc., and suggests products that would be the best fit for those specific parameters. That helps save a lot of time, money and energy.

Medical Conditions

A lot of skin products are not there because of poor lifestyle or not taking care of your skin, but there are medical reasons that trigger such issues. Skin issues can occur due to underlying medical issues such as hormonal imbalance or polycystic ovaries or can also occur as a side effect of a drug consumed to treat a certain medical condition. Therefore, it is important that whenever you face a skin condition, your first step should be to rule out any medical causes by getting your bloodwork done.

Eat Healthily

If your skin extracts its nutrition from what you eat, That means that if you are only surviving on pasta and burgers, your skin will not have much to stay healthy and radiant. A well-balanced diet is key to ensure that your skin gets everything that it needs to stay glowy and healthy. Add lots of green vegetables and citrus fruits to your diet in order to keep your skin fresh and hydrated, cut down on oily foods or food that might have very low nutrition value.


Regardless of how well you eat, your diet will always lack in certain nutritional parameters. This shortfall can only be taken care of by consuming supplements such as multivitamins, iron, etc. 

Sleep Schedule

Proper sleep schedules and adequate night sleep is critical for the health of your skin, If you are a habitual night animal with poor sleeping patterns, brace up for puffiness under your eyes, dark circles and a lot of other skin issues. It is important that you get a minimum of 6 and a maximum of nine hours of uninterrupted sleep so that you wake up fresh and radiant.


We all need to step out of our homes in the morning so that we can make ends meet and give our families a good life, However, if your skin is directly exposed to the sun, the rays can hurt your skin badly. Invest in a good sunscreen with a high SPF so that your skin remains protected from the sun when you go out.