Secret Tricks For Doing Natural Makeup

Hello, my lovely ladies! Do you want to learn how to do natural makeup properly? I have the best tips to share with you today. When you read them, you will know how to your subtle makeup in the right way.

Doing no-makeup makeup is a huge hit. It is all about a radiant complexion, even tone, subtle glow, and enhancing your natural features. I really love how it looks, so you can wear it on a daily basis. Can’t wait to share my secret tricks with you all, so let’s get started!




The best base for natural makeup is clean skin. Use a gentle cleanser to remove any oil and dirt from your face. Make sure that you avoid harsh cleaners with alcohol, as these will dry out your skin.

When your skin is all clean, it is time to moisturize. Apply a rich moisturizer that is suitable for your skin type. You can stick with a tinted moisturizer. This is the most used product in the natural makeup routine. Plus it will make you some precious time. You won’t need to apply foundation, and then wait for it to be absorbed and then apply foundation. You have a 2-in-1 product that will do the trick. This way, you can save some precious time during the morning rush.



Natural makeup is all about hiding the flaws and making your face look fresh. If you have dark eye circles or pimples, dab a little concealer for extra coverage. You don’t need to use heavy foundations just because you have a few spots to cover. Blend well to make it seamless.


Apply blush

A little blush will make your face look fresh. You can choose a liquid formula for a natural look. If you apply powder blush, make sure that you remove the excess before applying.

Define the eyes

To define the eye, simply use an eyeshadow that is one or two tones darker than your actual skin tone. This will define your eyes, without looking too much. Apply on the lid, and line the lower lash line. Then, continue with a champagne tone in the centre of the eyelid.

Don’t go too hard on the mascara. Apply a thin layer to lift up your eyes. Don’t overdo, as this will ruin the natural makeup look that you want to achieve. If you are blond, make sure that you use brown mascara. Black one will look too harsh and unnatural.



For subtly plumped lips, apply a tinted lip balm. It can do wonders for your natural look. It will hydrate your skin and define your lips subtly. If you don’t have one, try dabbing your favourite lipstick with fingers. This will help you apply gentle colour, instead of the usual coverage that you get when you apply it directly.