Italian Shoes Women’s: 10 Ways to Make Your Favorite Pair Last Longer

Women will always love shoes – and you don’t need to be a fashion expert to know that you mustn’t buy a pair of shoes based only on the brand and the style. You must also go for quality. When it comes to quality made shoes, Italian shoes are one of the best.

Italians are known for their tradition of leather craftsmanship. In other words, buying a pair of Italian shoes womens equals buying quality shoes. However, even the most durable and well-crafted shoes aren’t immune to wear and tear. If you want to make your pair of Italian shoes last longer, follow these steps:

1.    Make the Right Investment

The first step to owning a pair of quality Italian shoes is to buy one in the first place. Make sure you’re buying something that is worth the cost. They have to be genuine and must have these basic features of superior Italian shoes:

•    Leather: This is the primary material used in Italian shoes because it’s comfortable, highly durable, and stylish. They’re mostly made from Nappa leather, classic patent leather, and calfskin. Real leather feels warm, coarse, smooth, and soft. It’s also flexible. If it’s otherwise, then it’s probably synthetic.

•    Heel and Sole: They can vary in thickness and height. Tough soles are suitable for constant activity, whereas delicate ones are recommended for special occasions. Be practical and make sure the heels and soles of your Italian shoes can keep up with your lifestyle.

•    Brand: A brand name does have an impact on quality. Choose only those brands that have a long-standing reputation for producing both durable and stylish shoes.

•    Style: Every person has a style preference. Pick a pair of shoes that has the style that you truly adore. If you’re clueless right now, check out this video.

It features quality Italian leather footwear of different types and design, just to give you an idea.

2.    Protect the Soles

The soles can get easily worn out as they carry all the weight and the direct impact of every step. Give them extra protection by using sticky sole protectors. They’re easy to use and can be replaced after a certain time. If noticeable damage is starting to show, visit your most trusted cobbler or shoe repair shop right away.

3.    Care for the Leather

Anything that’s made with leather deserves extra care. Prevent cracks and wrinkles on your leather shoes by spraying them with protective leather sprays. Properly clean them with quality leather cleaner and conditioner. There are plenty of excellent leather care products you can buy at shoe stores.

4.    Preserve the Shape

Don’t let your leather shoes get all creased and cracked. Shoes can get stretched over time and lose their original shape. Use shoe trees when you’re not using your shoes. This will also allow your shoes to breathe every after use. If you don’t have shoe trees yet, use crumpled old newspaper instead.

5.    Don’t Force Them On

If wearing your shoes is a real struggle, even if they do fit perfectly fine, never force them on. Doing so would tear or damage the back part faster after a couple of use. Use a shoe horn instead so you can slip your feet and heel smoothly into your shoes.

6.    Keep Them Dust-free

Dust is a primary problem in storing any types of shoes. Make sure to keep your Italian shoes dust-free. Expensive pairs come with dust bags already, so if you have one, you should definitely use it. If you don’t have one, used pillowcase or plastic can be your alternatives.

7.    Store Them Properly

Another enemy of shoe preservation is moisture. It can have adverse effects on leather. So, Italian shoes must never come in contact with moisture or water as much as possible. Make sure that you keep your shoes in a cool and dry storage place.

8.    Give Them a Break

Regular use can eventually wear down a durable pair of shoes. So, give your Italian shoes a break every once in a while. Use your other pairs in the cabinet. Avoid using the same pair every day, even if they’re your favorite.

9.    Keep Those Toes Dry

Moisture can do a great deal of damage on your leather shoes. If you have sweaty feet problems, it can damage your Italian shoes from the inside. It can also cause smelly feet because bacteria thrive in moist and dark environments. Keep your feet dry every time you wear your shoes using medicinal foot powder. As for your shoes, use moisture absorbing products to keep them from getting smelly.

10.    Do Regular Checks

Give your shoes a regular thorough inspection. This way, you’ll immediately figure out which ones are still repairable and which ones you can throw. Not only will you be able to preserve your shoes, but you also get to clear some space on your shoe cabinet.

Italian shoes can indeed be more expensive than regular shoes, but if you’re able to make them last longer, with the help of these tips, then it’s worth it. And remember, the toughest shoes will eventually get worn out, but doing your part in preserving them goes a long way.