Why Swiss Brands are winning over the Watch Market?


The simple logic which anyone can put to use is that, whenever the topic of the watch comes up, some of the brands which get highlighted are Rolex, Hublot, Patek Philippe, and a few others. But the common thing among all these brands is that they are all Swiss brands. They have a specific type of expertise in the making and the perfection which makes them established and renowned brand in the watch segment. While considering to buy a watch which has everything such as finesse and premium look as well, you should always go for the Swiss brands.

Hublot Big Bang was introduced in the market to make a difference, and since then the brand has emerged as a great watch manufacturer. The brand was established before that, but the introduction of the big bang edition made it prosper even more. The first rubber strap watch was brought into the market by this brand itself. And it received tremendous response from the public.

The amount of efforts and professionalism which the workers from each swiss company put into their work for making a single watch is something which you can’t find in any other brand watches. These brands have set themselves up as a status symbol, and people always perceive the ones wearing them as highly successful and wealthy. Although the look provided by these brands are mostly traditional, it is unique because of the highly functional mechanics.


What makes Swiss brands so popular?

  • They are highly scratch resistant. The fact behind this quality is that the Swiss watches are made with sapphire crystal as their face. And are encased in a material with extreme hardness.
  • The mechanics followed and used in the making of each watch is very reliable. It uses metal gears, and are made by hand and not by the use of machinery. They don’t go out of use, if any problem comes or if it’s not working correctly you can get it serviced rather than replacing it. Hence these watches run through generations and act as a legacy of the family.
  • The old techniques of watchmaking have become extinct with time throughout the world except in Switzerland. And hence the craftsmanship in a Swiss made watch is the best one and makes wearing it more of an experience instead of owning a watch.

When looking for watches, if your budget or range is quite high then you can look forward to surfing through the options of these brands. Hublot Big Bang is one of the options because even if it was launched a decade or so ago, it has a sleek look.  

The Swiss brands pass the test of beating the time with superior quality and hence becomes an ideal option for anyone who is willing to spend that handsome amount of money to buy a watch. So rather than buying many low price watches get a high priced one which you can use for a lifetime or even more.