Women: Best Looks for Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of year again! It’s Valentine’s Day and love is in the air, ooh la la!

Use today to celebrate your love for your friends and family, as well as your partner. Love is an incredibly important attribute to cherish and this is the perfect day to do so! Saying this however, we all know that your boyfriend and significant other will be the star of the show today. What plans have you made this Valentine’s Day? Have you booked a table at your favourite restaurant? Are you going to a gig? A bar? A picnic in the park? No matter what the occasion, you want to look and feel good for your special day together!

Tips for Looking Fierce This Valentine’s Day

Dress like yourself

This is our most important rule! Maybe you’re not into dresses and heels, that’s cool – don’t try and be someone else this Valentine’s Day. You’re partner loves you and will love whatever you wear during your special day together. If you feel most comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt, wear that! If you are someone who likes to dress up with all the bells and whistles and heels and nails and hair… wear that! It all depends on the individual, take our tips and give them your own individual spin.

Dress appropriate for the occasion

If you know that you’re Valentine’s Day will include a lot of climbing up hills to get to a special looking-point to soak up romantic views of the city, be prepared to bring some flat shoes with you! Or if you’re aware that you’re going to a sophisticated restaurant, choose something on the formal to wear! We know, we know, it’s common sense really, but you’d be surprised how many times people have worn the wrong clothes to the wrong event – and being uncomfortable or self-conscious about what you’re wearing can tarnish your entire romantic evening out!

Wear red

Red is symbolically associated with ‘love’, ‘passion’, the heart’… (perfect for Valentine’s Day then, ey?) and it’s also said to be the most attractive colour to wear. Bright red naturally draws the eye to the subject, and that’s exactly what you want to do this evening! Wear a red dress or add a touch of glamour to your look with some ruby red lips.


Smell is the most powerful attraction tool you have, harness it this Valentine’s Day with the help of a sultry fragrance. Wearing perfume is a fantastic way to turn up the ohh la la factor this Valentine’s Day. Feel good in your skin with a delicious new perfume that will drive your partner wild!

Valentine’s Day Look Book

Here are some awesome looks to wow your partner this Valentine’s Day!

Gold Rush


Slinky floor-length, halter-neck dress in black or metallic fabric for extra shine.


Make him see stars whenever he looks into your eyes with the help of some gold or silver glitter. For people with blue eyes, keep your eyeshadow focused on browns, pinks and oranges to make your eyes pop. For those with brown eyes, experiment with golds and lighter shades to make your eyes warm and open.

Keep your lips nude or natural with pale lipstick or light gloss.

Contour lightly with bronzer and highlight cheekbones with more sparkle (why not ey?)

Keep it delicate with some black or gold ankle-strap heels.

Va-Va-Vamp it Up

Keep it simple with a black velvet dress, think full-length with long sleeves and a low back.


Add to your slick look with some shimmering smokey eyes. Make your eyes pop with some thick black eyeliner and use white eyeliner in your water-line to make your eyes look larger. Define your brows into a strong arch shape to complete the look.

Lips should be left nude, or if you want to vamp up your look even more use a dark maroon lipstick to make a statement.

Wear some pointed black stilettos or if you want to edge it up this Valentine’s Day, complement your outfit with some fashion-forward ankle boots with a thin heel and patent finish.

Head in the Clouds


Maxi dresses are a great way to add a bit of flirty freshness to your Valentine’s Day look. Feel easy, breezy and gorgeous in a long flowing dress.


Keep it natural with some brown or pale pink eyeshadow and a light-coloured lip. Make your skin glow with golden cheeks and defined highlighter on the cheek bone.


Keep it simple with some cute leather sandals or complement this day-dreamy look with some comfortable Marco Tozzi ankle boots from Mr Shoes.

Vintage Vixen


Get the retro look with a peplum dress that accentuates your waist. And why not add a little quirkiness to your look by choosing a cute kitschy pattern? Do you like roses, daisies, horses…robots? Let your individuality shine through with this Valentine’s Day outfit!


Dynamite red lips and Marilyn Monroe black winged eye liner is the perfect way to add a bit of ulta-glamour to any look. Curl or wave your hair for some old-school Hollywood realness.


Finish the look off with a cute peep-toed high-heel or a low-heeled kitten heel that oozes vintage style.