Why You Need A Vegan Leather Backpack

In a world where many people are becoming more aware of the issues the world faces, an ongoing point of contention has been killing cows to make leather. The answer to that is to switch to using vegan leather. 

Materials Used in Vegan Leather Backpack

Rather than being made from animal skin, vegan leather consists of polyurethane. This is a polymer that a growing number of designers are using in their products. One of the biggest selling points is that it uses materials that are sustainable to the environment. It includes:

  • Apple peels
  • Pineapple leaves
  • Cork

While these are the materials most commonly used, other types of fruit waste can also be used. These materials, combined with recycled plastic, eliminate the need to use animal skin. 

Top Fashion Designers and Vegan Leather

Many of today’s top fashion designers are turning to vegan leather and shying away from traditional leather. Designers such as Stella McCartney have already embraced this new trend. The items created using vegan leather include jackets, dresses, and almost everything in between. 

It isn’t just clothes and accessories such as handbags, boots and shoes, that are being made using vegan leather. Even car seat covers are shying away from traditional leather and opting for the vegan version instead. 

Fashion Trend

Some of the hottest items that are now being made with this leather include jackets and belts for both men and women. Wallets and backpacks are joining the vegan leather bandwagon as well. 

When you purchase a vegan leather backpack you will be helping prevent animal cruelty. You will also have a stylish and convenient bag to take with you wherever you go. These bags are high quality and are designed to last years, making them a great investment. Backpacks will never go out of style and, in fact, are becoming trendier and trendier every year. 

These days they are made to be as lightweight as possible. You may find that wearing a vegan leather backpack is more comfortable than wearing one made of real leather or of other materials. 

And More

Another reason to use one is that they are waterproof. Not only will they not become damaged in rain or snow they are also easier to clean than backpacks made with real leather. If you find that the vegan leather is becoming wrinkly you can quickly apply heat to it. However, it should never be exposed to that heat for more than 30 seconds. You can also help maintain your backpack by using vinyl conditioner on it if it stiffens up over time. The vinyl conditioner will restore it to its original softness so that you can continue to use it comfortably. 

Going forward, more research needs to be done to determine the long term effects of using vegan leather as opposed to real leather. In the meantime, you can do your part to help discourage the killing of animals simply to use their skin as material. Only time will tell if improvements are made to vegan leather to make it even more beneficial.

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