Top 5 Easy Ways to Choose an Engagement Ring

We know, popping the tricky question was the most difficult thing for you to do till now. But now that you can heave a sigh of relief with that ‘Yes’, coming through, it’s time to take things further.


Many may unite to back the idea that love and marriage have little to do with engagement rings. But, are you in consent with them? If the engagement ring to your love bond is what vows are to a wedding, don’t shy away from putting your heart out in finding the best one ring for Miss. Right.

Take a sneak peek into celebrity’s personal preferences

The bold and beautiful bling that graced the ring fingers of your favourite celebrities must have caught your attention. Now that your beloved and you are going to be the centre of attraction at your engagement, why not go for those diamond shapes and cuts that made the showbiz stars the talk of the town in recent times. From Miranda Kerr’s diamond stunner or Brie Larson’s solitaire surprise, you have plethora of styles to bring a smile on your fiancé’s lips.


Take inspiration from what your friends sported

The wedding is an experience that people love to share with all, be it through posts on social media platforms or face-to-face interactions with the loved ones. From scrolling through the engagement pictures of your friends to talking with them in person, you have several ways to have a broader picture about what designs to prefer and what not. Follow what your heart says, but listen to all!

Take your partner along for engagement ring shopping

Now that you two discuss your wedding and the married life after that, why keep the engagement affair a secret! Create a dazzling and a rocking base for your conjugal life by picking the glitzy diamond ring for each other together. Keeping the engagement ring a secret may sound more romantic, but buying it together is all about making good memories of courtship period.

Look for discounts

We understand, you have some sentiments attached with shopping for the engagement ring. But, why keep emotions and frugality apart. There’s no harm in sticking to a budget while shopping for an engagement ring. Once you know which design to buy, look for discounts both offline and online.

If nitty-gritty of wedding preps has kept you busy, go for online jewellery shopping. Online brands like CaratLane allure soon-to-be brides and bridegrooms with the sea of design options for engagement rings. Such platforms also give the delight of buying something that fits both style and pocket.

Go for try-at-home option for the choosy you allows you to book a free trial and try different engagement ring designs sitting at home. If you value suggestions from your loved ones, you can involve them in the engagement ring shopping too by trying different styles at home.  

Engagement is one of the most awaited affairs in life. You certainly have all the rights to be choosy and particular about everything. Try as many designs of diamond rings at home as you want and finally pick the one that is right.