What’s Your Best Hairstyle? Let’s Find Out!

Hello all you beautiful divas! We talk about hair a lot here at Fashion Diva Design, but we haven’t really hit on how to choose the best everyday hairstyle – the natural look you have that’s largely dependent on cut and color.

I asked the stylists at www.studio417salon.com for a few pointers on picking the best hairstyle. They had a lot of valuable input to share. But before you begin considering the points below, it’s important to find yourself a good stylist. Your stylist can provide a professional opinion based on the hair you’re working with.

Let’s find out how to find the best looking hairstyles!

Know Your Face Shape

The shape of your face and your hairstyle go hand-in-hand. They can complement one another or fight against one another. The common face shapes and their complementary hairstyles include:


Short gamine cut with layers

Collarbone bob

Long, subtle layers


Short pixie cut

Medium length with sweeping bangs

Long layers and a full bang


Chin sweeping bob

Shoulder length cut with light layering

Long length and sweeping fringe


Short, layered bob with blended bangs

Shoulder length cut layered all around

Cuts just below the collarbone with layers starting at the cheeks

The right cut can play up your good angles and soften the features that are a little too sharp. It can also help create an overall balance, which makes it a top consideration before getting chopped.

Know Your Natural Coloration

Are you cool, warm or neutral toned? The color of your skin will tell you. Knowing your undertone can help you pick the best hair color. The basic guidelines are:

Warm – Peachy olive and/or golden undertones

Cool – Pinkish and bluish undertones

Neutral – Mix of cool and warm undertones

Colors can also be complementary or throw one another off. So, consider your complexion before you sit in the salon chair. Stylist suggestions include:

Rosy undertones – Light ash blonde, champagne blonde

Fair, cool undertones – Light blonde

Light, warm undertones – Light golden blonde, jet black, light auburn

Medium, warm undertones – Light brown with caramel highlights, strawberry blonde

Cool undertones – Cool brown, cinnamon brown

Medium cool undertones – Light brown, medium auburn

Medium warm undertones – Light brown, light golden brown, medium auburn

Olive skin undertones – Chocolate brown

Deep skin undertones – Chocolate brown, espresso, jet black

Medium, pink undertones – Medium ash brown

Think About Your Lifestyle

No matter how much we love a certain hairstyle, sometimes it just doesn’t fit our current lifestyle and schedule. The best looking hairstyles are going to look good with minimal effort so you’re always confident without breaking out the heating tools.

The top consideration is length. The length of your hair is a big factor when it comes to ease of maintaining a style. Right now XXL length is a trendy fall hairstyle, but beautiful does not always mean practical. If you love the look but hate the maintenance invest in some good clip-in extensions instead. You can get the look for a day without having to manage the style long-term.

The same goes for bangs. Rather than chopping off your hair and wrestling to get your bangs straight everyday, clip in a hairpiece. You can even get your stylist to cut the clip-in bangs to the perfect length.

Make Sure Your Hairstyle Fits Your Personal Style

One hairstyle consideration that often gets overlooked is personal style. There’s no denying some hairstyles fit a certain look. Your hairstyle may also have to fit multiple styles if your work attire doesn’t completely align with your off-time style.

Take a hard look at your closet. Which hairstyles would fit with the majority of your clothes? Your hairstyle is the ultimate accessory so make your next cut and color count.

Ultimately, the best hairstyle is the one that makes you feel absolutely fabulous. Your hair stylist can help you determine which cut and color will suit your face shape and undertones. They’ll make suggestions and can help you ease into a new style if you want to try something new.

Have you found a hairstyle that works? Let us know how you found the perfect style.