Tips to Increase Hair Thickness

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Having thin hair is the worst. Not only is it hard to style without seeing areas of your scalp, but it gets old having to be so cautious about the products you use. Your hair is a big part of your everyday appearance, so making sure it is strong and healthy is essential. If you are one struggling with thinning hair, follow these tips to increase the thickness and improve its overall health. 

Do Not Wash Your Hair Everyday

Washing your hair every other day is best for your hair health. Sometimes this can be hard, especially if you have thin hair. This is because grease tends to be more noticeable in thin hair versus individuals with thick hair. Washing your hair every day strips the natural oils that your scalp produces which keeps your hair strong. We need these natural oils or else our hair will become brittle and dry. To avoid washing your hair every day, try using a dry shampoo. 

Invest in a Laser Cap

The hair growth industry has utilized today’s technology to develop a device known as a laser hair growth cap. These caps can be used by men and women and are designed to grow the hair thicker and fuller on the head. This is done through low level light therapy released through medical grade laser diodes in the caps. The low level light therapy stimulates the cells on the scalp and encourages new growth of the hair follicles.

Eat Protein and Vitamins

Protein and vitamins are not only important for the health of the human body, it is also important to increase the thickness of the hair. Hair strands are made up almost entirely of protein, so making sure you are getting enough of this nutrient is key. Vitamins that are found in foods or consumed through a multivitamin will also improve the overall thickness and health of the hair follicles. In order to get these proper nutrients, make sure you incorporate foods into your diet that consist of eggs, meat, fish, nuts, fruits, and vegetables.

Avoid Using Heat

Although this is difficult to do, especially for women, it is important to avoid using heat on your hair every day of the week. This includes using a hair dryer, straightening iron, and curling iron. Heating devices remove the natural moisture from the hair. This causes breakage and splitting, eventually leading to overall thinning in the area. Try wearing your hair natural for a couple days a week and also letting it air dry the night before.

These few tips should help get you started on your journey to increase your hair thickness. You will be relieved to see the progress your hair will make if you can keep up with these tips on a weekly basis. Do not wait to get your hair to its thickest, healthiest stage!