Things to know before buying the best body hair trimmers

The trickiest business in someone’s life is body hair maintenance and it should be done the right way. This means that the way you trim your body is up to you but you need some of the best body trimmers to make it a success. The way you trim your body hair will also be highly influenced by your significant other and your personal attributes. 

For things to be easier, you need the best trimmers with you. Today, we have rounded up some of the most influencing things that you should know before buying the best body hair trimmer. 

What do you want to achieve?

Before you think of buying a trimmer, consider what you want to achieve when body grooming. The fact is that many body trimmers just want to help you trim your body leaving your skin smooth and hairless. This means you should choose a device that has both trimming and shaving functions. 

Hair type

All people have different types of hairstyle which can as well influence your choice in this regard. If you have strong hair, you should go for the strongest and sharpest trimmers. This will ensure that it can easily cut the hair regardless of whether it’s dry or wet. 


There are many body hair trimmer brands in the market today making trimmers of different properties and applications. Surprisingly, most people don’t have their favorite brand which is why they end up getting trimmers they don’t like. Before you proceed to the market to buy a body trimmer, it’s always advisable to consider one brand that you are convinced has all you want. 


The quality of a body hair trimmer you choose will depend on its particular brand. I am very sure you want a trimmer that will last for a longer time. If that is the case, then consider trimmers made with stainless steel blades. To avoid any accidental slips, it’s always advisable to choose a trimmer with a good grip. 

Corded or cordless trimmers

The market has it all, corded and cordless trimmers which you can choose from. Though, the decision here will depend heavily on personal preferences. You should also consider this depending on whether you have access to a power socket in your bathroom or not. If you are one of those people that are always on motion and still want to maintain good grooming habits, then you can go for cordless trimmers. 

Adjustable or not

This will now depend on the length options you go for. Many manufacturers are making adjustable combs that you can at any time attach to the trimmer itself depending on the cutting length you want to achieve. It’s always a good idea to choose a body hair trimmer with adjustable options if you are looking for trim or style options. 

Dry vs. wet trimming

Here is another consideration that depends on whether you want to trim before or after a shower. Depending to the above options, you can choose a trimmer that matches your choices. Though, I would recommend going for trimmers that can accommodate both dry and wet trimming. 

The Budget

How much are you willing and able to spend on a hair trimmer? With so many brands in the market making varying devices, it’s up to you to make sure you stick to your budget. In common situations, the most expensive body hair trimmer will be the best in terms of features and durability. On the other hand, if you are on a tight budget, you can always choose any of the cheapest body hair trimmers. 

Which part of the body do you want to trim?

Hair on different parts of the body has varying features. This is actually what makes the difference in almost every aspect of buying a body hair trimmer. The best will be able to trim hair from every part of the body. 

Shopping the best body hair trimmers

The market is flocking with some of the best brands in body hair trimming devices. This actually makes it very hard for you to buy the best body hair trimmers especially when you don’t have the right information. Here are some of our best selections that you can choose in 2019.

Philips Norelco Bodygroom BG7040/42

If you are looking for a body hair trimmer that will trim and shave hair on all parts of the body, then this is the best in the market today. The designing is extremely well thought-out and is multifunctional. As a matter of fact, there’s a shaving head on one side and a trimmer on the other hand. Many people in the market are going for this because it can groom the groin area very restfully and excellently. 

Braun BT3040 Men’s Ultimate Hair trimmer

For men out there looking for precision and comfort during and after shaving, this device is the best option. This is for men that also want a combination of a clipper and a trimmer. Though, it’s specifically for use on facial hair but it can as well trim and groom other parts of the body because of its trimming and edging aptitudes. It is designed with two adaptable trimming combs that can help you shave from settings of 0.5 to 20mm. 

Remington PG525 Lithium Groomer

For those people that want a multipurpose device that will groom from the head to the toe, then this is the best in the market. It’s also a perfect combination for reshaping. It’s a compact unit that has been discussed in many forums and can be used to shave body hair. It is now going to give you a couple of options and help you get to where you want to be with grooming. 

With the above information and the recommendations, you can expect to land a plenty good deal with ease. You now know what to look for and which of the best groomers to choose. What makes the biggest difference is the amount of money you want to spend on groomers.