5 Colors That Look Good on Absolutely Everyone

While this might seem too good to be true, there actually is such a thing as a universally flattering color–and, thankfully, there are more than a few of them. No matter what the occasion, it’s always nice to have a few top picks that can be go-tos for anyone.

Here are the five colors that look good on absolutely everyone, and how to style them.

Why Choose Universal Colors 

Aside from just being a handy pick in your closet, there are many reasons you might like to use universally flattering colors.

  • Sharing: If you live in a sorority house, have several roommates or otherwise share clothing, having a few outfits in colors that flatter anyone is a great way to ensure that everyone looks (and feels) their best in becoming shades. What a special way to make friends!
  • Hand-Me-Downs: If you’re the oldest of your friends and siblings, you might be thinking about passing your investment pieces down to those who’ll use them after you. A savvy interview outfit you no longer have use for could be the perfect treasure for when your youngest friend graduates from college.
  • Bridesmaids: Dressing your bridesmaids shouldn’t be a nightmare. In fact, it’s the perfect chance to show how important your best friends and family members are to you. When many different types of people will all be wearing nearly-identical dresses on your big day, a universally flattering color palette is one way to help make sure that everyone feels confident and beautiful.
  • Gifting: If you’re buying an outfit or accessory for a friend but don’t feel you have the best grip on which colors suit them, avoid an uncomfortable situation by choosing a color option that looks good on anyone!

Universally Flattering Colors

There are a few colors that are widely considered universally flattering. The magic in their appeal is where they fall in the cool-warm spectrum. Just as your skin has an undertone, so do all the colors in the color wheel. Colors that don’t lean too far towards one end or the other of the spectrum strike a balance that is becoming on people of all types of complexions and undertones.

Universally flattering colors include: blush pink, eggplant purple, navy blue, red and teal.

1. Blush Pink 

Blush pink has an ethereal quality and an innocence to it, making it a smart choice for any occasion. This color complements the natural flush in your cheeks, giving you a healthy-looking glow! 

  • Pink dresses are subtle, feminine and a natural choice for bridesmaid dresses. If the bride has big plans for floral bouquets, blush pink provides a perfect backdrop that won’t distract.
  • Mix a blousy blush top with crisp black slacks for a look that transitions seamlessly from a day at work to date night.
  • Go bold in blush with unexpected fabrics like leather or studded pumps.

2. Eggplant Purple

The color purple has long been associated with complexity, wealth and royalty. It’s now much more widely available, and acts like any neutral closet staple. The deep eggplant color (also called aubergine)  is sophisticated and mature, yet fresh at the same time.

  • Especially for a fall or winter wedding, eggplant purple dresses are flattering on bridesmaids of all ages, skin tones and undertones.
  • Draw attention to your eyes with an eggplant beanie cap or bucket hat.
  • Emphasize the richness of eggplant with a dress in a sophisticated fabric–like velvet or silk.

3. Navy Blue

Navy blue is a common color for service dress uniforms and bridesmaid dresses, and it’s no wonder why! Blue is generally perceived as being a pleasant hue and, in color psychology, it’s said to have a calming effect.

  • Navy blue dresses are a great option for bridesmaids dresses. Bridesmaids can accessorize with strappy sandals that match their skin tone and whichever jewelry they feel most comfortable in.
  • A tailored navy blue pantsuit means business, but isn’t as harsh as black. Pair it with a sophisticated tote bag and pumps for a chic, pulled together look.
  • Dark wash denim can be dressed up with a pair of statement booties in a fun print like leopard.
  • Crisp cigarette pants look polished for the office when paired with a crisp collared shirt.
  • Add a lime green belt to an otherwise plain navy dress for a jolt of energetic color.

4. Red

Start the party and steal the show in a true red. Red is often associated with strength and passion. It’s a bold color that isn’t for the faint of heart! Primary red doesn’t lean toward warm or cool, which means it is a flattering color for any undertone.

  • Bold red dresses are a beautiful choice for a special night out. Keep the rest of your accessories minimal to let the show-stopping shade really shine.
  • If you’re not into red clothing, swipe on a red lip to elevate your look and draw attention to your dazzling smile.
  • For the boldest of the bold, wear red from head to toe to ensure all eyes are on you!
  • Mix red with silver or gold accessories to add an extra dose of glam to an ultra-feminine outfit.

5. Teal

Teal probably isn’t the first color that comes to mind when you think of shades that work for everyone, but it can really be quite flattering against all skin tones. Teal has the ability to complement warmer skin tones without giving them a gray cast, and because it’s technically a blue, it pairs nicely with cool skin tones as well.

  • A teal cardigan is a refreshing choice for a workday outfit, especially when paired with creamy neutrals.
  • Teal earrings are the perfect face-framing accessory that add a pop of color to any look.
  • Tuck a teal top into a black skirt to add a little edge to a sophisticated style.
  • Make a statement with teal nail polish or eyeliner.

Looking Great in Flattering Colors

From subtle blush to bold red, it’s helpful to know which colors look good on absolutely everyone. Build these colors into your wardrobe so that you always have a flattering option to choose from!