The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Yoga Clothes

If you thought to squat, jump and lunge through an intense workout was difficult enough, try doing that with an unfitting sports bra or saggy leggings. Your workouts will be 10 times harder as you as try to get in sync, struggle through sweat and waste too much time adjusting your outfit.


Activewear is crucial to the success of your workout, but it can be frustrating to pick out the best workout clothes when shopping since there is a flurry of options available today.

Here are a few tips when shopping for the best workout outfits in a Yoga shop that will help you to perform at your personal best during your next Yoga class.  

The Best Fabrics for Yoga Clothes

Often we get carried away by how cute a pair of leggings looks when the real question is; how will it make you feel during a workout? While aesthetical looks may be a factor when buying Yoga pants, your main focus should be finding out what fabric the clothes are made of. Some Yoga clothes are made of materials that wick moisture away from your body which is perfect for intense sweat sessions, while other garments directly absorb the moisture which can cause you to feel sweaty and uncomfortable.

Which fabrics should you go for?


Cotton is best for Yoga exercises and other low-intensity workouts whereby you are not sweating as much. Moreover, according to research cotton is less likely to give off odor after a sweaty workout as compared to synthetic fabrics like spandex. So, if you forget to wash your yoga pants and decide to re-use it on your next session, you are likely to get away with it.    

Nylon, Spandex, and Bamboo

If you are doubling your workout routine with Yoga classes and sessions at the gym then outfits from man-made fabric like bamboo, spandex, nylon, and polypropylene are your best options. This fabric can pull moisture away from your body as you sweat. In so doing, it prevents you from having that sticky feeling of sweat and also helps in keeping your body temperature down. However, as mentioned above, these fabrics are more likely to give off an odor if not properly washed. To avoid post-workout stench, go for yoga clothes made with antimicrobial technology.  

What is the best fabric for an outdoor workout?

When exercising outdoors, it is crucial to choose the right fabric that will help you combat the weather. On sunny days you are more likely to sweat more and therefore, you should go for moisture-wicking Yoga clothes like polyester which will also provide additional protection from UV rays.

While during the winter, consider matching both moisture-wicking fabrics (as your base layer) with an added layer of cotton for extra warmth.

Finally, as you shop around for the best Yoga pants, remember to do the “squat test” before purchasing to ensure that the leggings are the right fit, feel comfortable, and they don’t show off too much. You don’t want to give people a glimpse of your skivvies.