With New Style Partnership, Lane Bryant Ditches Frumpy Past

Lane Bryant is the classic plus-size brand, and for many women, the store has been one of the only reliable clothing shops for decades. Unfortunately, that reliability has come with a rough reputation, specifically for being less than fashionable. Sure, the clothes fit, but do they look good?

With Lane Bryant’s recent high-fashion reinvention, the answer is a resounding yes. This fall, the brand launched a collaboration with Tanesha Awasthi, digital influencer and founder of Girls With Curves. Lane Bryant has never attempted such a collaboration before, but so far, the collection has been met with an overwhelmingly positive response.  

Bridging The Style Divide

Any woman who’s tried to find a stylish outfit in a plus size knows there’s a distinct style divide between “straight size” clothing and what’s made in larger sizes. The fashion elements just seem to evaporate. With the rise of plus-size fashion influencers, brands can’t get away with that anymore. They need to dress larger women – the majority of women in the United States – in ways that are stylish and attractive.

Most stores make a reasonable number of options for women on the lower end of plus size, generally those who wear a 12 or 14 once you look above those sizes, most stores don’t stock many pieces. Larger clothing is also typically more expensive. Even Walmart recently increased the price of their plus-size clothing, citing production costs.

Affordable And Appealing

One of the primary reasons that Lane Bryant has always been the go-to store for plus-size women is that the brand has consistently made affordability a priority, and the brand has maintained the commitment with their crossover collection. Sized between a women’s 12 and a 28, the pieces cost from $34.95 and $149.95, putting them well within the standard price range for women’s clothing. Once you tack on some Lane Bryant coupons, the pieces fall well below what many brands charge for larger clothing – and the pieces are much more stylish.

A New Gold Standard

Every stylish woman has a go-to store for clothing, and with the Girls With Curves x Lane Bryant line, Lane Bryant is establishing itself as more than just the default – it’s every plus-size woman’s top choice. In particular, the line includes fitted jeans, a tough find for women of any size, in addition to gorgeous dresses and chilly weather sweaters. And don’t forget the Girls With Curves cape, a limited edition piece perfect for fall.

Forging A New Path In Plus-Size Fashion

For the past several years, Lane Bryant has been trying to make its mark on the plus-size style world, starting with their 2016 runway line, designed with Project Runway star Christian Siriano. Unlike the more recent Girls With Curves collaboration, the Siriano line was extremely limited and wasn’t designed for day-to-day wear. Siriano is a high-fashion maven, but Awasthi is a street style savant.

Plus size women deserve stylish options, but they’re often confined to shapeless dresses and dark colors. After over 100 years of business, Lane Bryant is ready to break the mold. With their new collection, the company has declared that women – no matter their size – can wear any piece with style, and it’s up to designers to step up to the plate and create ready to wear looks that flatter a wider range of bodies.