Simple Perfume Hacks that Help You Get the Most Bang for Each Spritz

The impact a few spritzes of perfume can have on your overall mood is amazing. Depending on the scent you’ve selected you can suddenly feel sexy, bold, romantic, or cheerful. The best thing is that knowing you’re wearing the perfect scent gives your self-esteem a boost, enabling you to meet any challenge that comes your way.

Here are some tips that will help you get the most out of the unique perfumes you love.


Stop Rubbing Your Wrists Together

Most perfume wearers instinctively rub their wrists together after they’ve spritzed their favorite scent onto their inner wrists. If this is a habit you’ve developed, you want to break it. While you think rubbing the spot causes the scent to soak into your skin, what you’re actually doing is warming up the skin, which is altering the way the perfume smells. The best way to ensure your perfume maintains its integrity is dabbing it on your skin and letting it soak in naturally.

Reach for the Vaseline Before Reaching for Your Perfume

When you’re getting ready to spritz yourself with your favorite perfume, the first thing you should do is let your skin dry. Once it has, rub a small dab of Vaseline onto each of pulse points, smoothing it into the skin. Not only does this help keep these sensitive spots nicely moisturized, it also ensures that your perfume continues to smell nice, even several hours after you applied it. The drier your skin, the more Vaseline you should use.

There are lots of ways beside preserving your sweet smell that Vaseline aides with personal grooming. You can even use it to turn your eye shadow and lipstick into a fun, completely customized color!

Don’t Cover up Your Perfume

Think about what you’re going to wear before you start to spritz yourself with your favorite perfume. The general rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t wear clothing over any area that you’ve perfumed. The clothing muffles the scent and it also rubs the perfume from your skin.

By applying your favorite perfume prior to getting dressed, you decrease the odds of the perfume leaving subtle stains on your clothing.

Moisturize Often

The drier your skin is, the quicker the scent of your unique perfume will vanish. The best way to ensure that your skin holds the scent is being diligent about applying moisturizer a few times a day. Use a high-quality lotion. While there’s nothing wrong with scented lotions, on the days you want to dress yourself up with your favorite perfume, you’ll want to stick to unscented lotions.

In addition to using unscented lotion while wearing perfume, you should also stay away from scented deodorants.

Location, Location, Location

Have you ever wondered why women in the movies always place their perfume on their pulse points? It’s because perfume smells best when there’s some heat to properly activate it. Your pulse points are your warm zones.

Spray Your Brush

If you like to perfume your hair, stop spritzing your scent directly onto your hair. The better method for perfuming your hair is spraying your brush and running it through your hair. Spraying the brush decreases the amount of damage the alcohol in the perfume does to your hair.

Properly Store Your Perfume

Fragrances have a shelf life. Time alters the perfume’s scent and color. The best way to increase the shelf life of your favorite perfume is storing it in a cool, dark space. Some fragrance experts suggest the fridge; others recommend a drawer or cabinet. Keep the cap on your perfume bottle and always use the original bottle.

Use Perfume to Spice up Lotion

There always seems to be a little bit of perfume stuck at the bottom of the bottle which the sprayer can’t extract. Rather than throwing this away. Carefully remove the sprayer and add that last little bit to an unscented lotion. The smell won’t be as strong as the straight perfume, but it will be just right on the days when all you want to put on is lotion.

You won’t believe how much punch you get from your favorite perfume when you make these simple perfume hacks part of your daily life.