The latest fashion highlights for SPRING/SUMMER 2022 

Now’s the time to banish your dark, warm winter clothes to the back of the closet. Slip into SS2022 with the finest and latest trends in clothing and accessories. Explore eight fashion essentials to have you all set for a spectacular time.

Vivid color statements

Vivid, bright colors boldly continue into 2022. Dare to wear bright yellows, greens, and pinks in day or evening outfits. Fashionable apparel created for every woman in strong colors do wonders for that feel-good factor. Find the vivid hue that not only suits but totally flatters you.

Y2K fashion     

If you missed out on the first occasion, there’s no time but the present for Y2K fashion. This distinctive style was born from mixing the millennium’s pop culture with current tech developments. It covers the late 90s and early-to-mid 2000s trends. Be high-key classy this spring/summer… pop into tube tops and accentuate with sparkling belly chains. Low-rise jeans offer a refreshing, casual look and trucker caps make the perfect accessory, no cap.

Ultra-mini skirts

The ultra-mini is back with a fresh fun, experimental and risqué look… perfect for hot summer dates.  After so long with casual wear for staying home or working remotely, it’s time to get dressed up and go. Showing off the legs can be elegantly combined with a more covered up top for a totally chic look.  Any style, width, hug and type of fashion fabric is possible.


Cut-outs are all about revealing just a little bit of the best of you. Perfect for parties, cut-outs ooze glamour and style. What could be more alluring than bare shoulders and back? Dare to display sharp cuts to the waist, lower belly, neck or the collarbone. Accentuate what you want with a snippet of your sensual skin—a sample of the diva below. 

Underwear out

In SS2022 underwear transforms into outerwear—and we’re not talking just lounge apparel. Beautiful and seductive lingerie shouldn’t always be covered up. Have some fun. Combine and style your balconette or cami bra with jeans for that perfect chilled yet ultra-feminine look. You can always add a leather or denim jacket over your favorite corset if it starts getting a bit cooler. 

Think layering. Try complimenting a luscious bodysuit with an overshirt or shacket. Blazers are also perfect to throw over those shoulders to achieve an absolutely sophisticated vibe. 

Simply white dresses

White dresses are among fashion’s most enduring must-have items with endless versatility.  Go for a white backless midi dress or a short lace dress. Romantic, floaty maxi dresses  in white are perfect day or evening wear. Linen will keep you cool and the addition of feathers or tassels will entice anytime. 

Elegant, pure, fresh, and crisp, white is the perfect base to begin to accessorize. How about a straw hat or a stack of metal bangles? A patterned or colorful scarf perhaps? Tantalize with a bold statement necklace to give your white dress the finishing touch.

Chunky platforms

Platforms shoes have been around for centuries and they’re right in mode in 2022. But this doesn’t just apply to heels… but all footwear. So, we’re talking sky-high heels, loafers, boots, clogs, sneakers and sandals—all elevated to a new level. Platforms can be worn all day and night without the hassle that heels often bring.

Remember that chunky, very chunky soles are definitely in vogue. Try them out in inquisitive and intriguing purple… Pantone’s color of the year 2022, Very Peri.

Bright bags

Alongside woven, knitted or crocheted bags crafted in wool, cord or leather, brightly colored bags are sizzling hot this year. Lime-green, pink or periwinkle are just some of the bright hues for 2022. For a bolder look, reach for highlighter yellow. Brightly-colored bags in crescent shapes to half-moons with heavy metal accessories, like chunky chains, are fashion essentials. When it comes to size…go for tiny bags for those summer parties or XL totes for that shopping spree. 

SS2022 fashion is about our opportunity to finally boldly venture outdoors and enjoy every and any occasion with head-to-toe elegance and style.