The art of monochrome

Often, the simplest of outfits are usually the most effective and stylish. We love playing with bold patterns and bright color clashes, but sometimes it feels good to strip everything back. Go back to basics if you will. Monochrome outfits are the perfect way to look polished, elegant, and put-together – even on those days just rolled straight out of bed!

What is monochrome, we hear you ask? It basically means wearing one color. To some of you, that may sound boring – but it doesn’t have to be! We don’t mean literally wearing the same color for the entire outfit; you can rock variations of the chosen shade to play with light and dark and textures. Picture it now – wearing your best black outfit and matching it with Vivienne Westwood new season black shoes, yet effective, as we said earlier. It oozes class and when it comes to monochrome, you can’t really get it wrong. It’s a failproof style even for first-timers in fashion experimentation.

How to get started

It’s time to sort through that wardrobe – you should have a lot of items in one color. Lots of us are guilty of having plenty of beiges and blacks for example. Sorting through your different color palettes will help you realize what you can pull together to get you started on your monochrome journey.

Within each color palette, see if you have enough tops, jumpers, trousers, skirts, and even outerwear to build a look. Now comes the fun part – select a color!

It doesn’t have to match

Just because you have chosen a color, that doesn’t mean that everything must match exactly! No two items in the same color appear the same. Why? Colour varies depending on the fabric, so don’t be afraid to play with lighter and darker versions of your chosen tone. This will add texture and turn your look from drab to fab. 

To add texture, you can also play with prints and fabrics. Wear all navy with a navy croc-effect bag to finish off the look or mix a pin-stripe light white and blue shirt with all-white jeans and sandals. This helps to break up the monochrome and avoid frumpiness.

Accentuate your figure

Monochrome outfits tend to be very flattering; they lengthen and tone your figure. When playing with light and dark shades, it’s important to note which variations of the chosen color flatter your body best. Perhaps you prefer a darker tone for your trousers and a lighter shade up top – or vice versa. Choose what makes you feel fabulous in your body and adapt that even to your non-monochrome looks!

Finishing touches

Hair, makeup, and accessories help make a monochrome outfit even more elegant. If you’re wearing all grey, then complete the look with silver jewelry that will instantly elevate your outfit. Style your hair in a high slicked back ponytail to look like you mean business. These finishing touches will help to complete your look and make you feel like you have it all together!