Maxi Dresses We’re Loving This Summer

Although it’s never too late for a sundress, you can’t deny that summer is peak time for them. With so many styles and shades available, summer is a three-month parade of frocks in every colour, print, and cut imaginable. Among these cuts is the maxi style: a style we are quite partial to. We just love long-flowing dresses that dangle at the ankle or dare to go lower. If you’re loving the maxi dress this summer, we have some inspo for you. Check out what’s sizzling at the top of our ‘what’s hot’ list. (Hint: we’re not talking about the season itself.) Here are some maxi dresses we’re loving this summer!  For more inspiration check this Linen maxi dress | MinimalisticLinen.

The Jaida Dress

Image: Alamour The Label

Okay, we’re just gonna say it: is anyone else getting Strawberry Shortcake vibes from this dress? We think it’s something to do with the red and pink floral print and the puffed sleeves. The Jaida Dress is known as the ‘sweetest’ in the Alamour wardrobe, and now we know why.

If you want to channel this totes adorbs ‘80s cartoon character, then take this piece of strawberry shortcake—er, we mean, indulge in the Jaida Dress. From its V-neckline to its ruffled hem, this ultra-feminine work of chiffon will be the lightest indulgence you ever feast your eyes upon. This gorgeous maxi goes great with the Laila White Heels and a side of the Shailee White Flower Drop Earrings. If you’re heading out into the sun, a cute straw sunhat wouldn’t go astray, either… Maybe something with pink trimmings that matches the print? Take those white, pink, and floral accessories, and make them bring out the best in our sweetest summer dress!

The Antonella Dress

Image: Alamour The Label

Whilst the Jaida Dress is known as the ‘sweetest’ dress, the Antonella Dress has been dubbed as ‘the most perfect maxi dress ever’—and, luckily for you, it was made with summer in mind. This dress works its angles—literally. Take just one look and you’ll see that its waist cut-outs and angular V-neckline are really working for it. 

The other thing we love about this dress? Its frilly, five-tiered body of eyelet fabric. It’s graceful and works well with the sharper upper section. To top it all off, the Jaida Dress and the Laila White Heels are a match made in heaven. Add some golden pearl drop earrings and the ensemble is complete. Optional finishing touches: a dainty gold chain necklace and a straw clutch. This dress is all about whites and neutrals!

The Galina Dress

Image: Alamour The Label

Flowing, floral, and feminine: that’s the Galina Dress. Is it the fabric’s subtle lace texture or sunny orange colour that captures your imagination? For us, it’s the way the entire shape revolves around the detachable tie-up belt at the waist. It adds a layer to this textured maxi and almost channels a sarong—which is fitting because this dress forms part of our Resort collection.

What makes the Galina Dress oh-so-summery? Well, aside from its warm orange colour, it pairs perfectly with a straw sunhat. The oversized example works well here, but something smaller could also fit the bill. A pair of similarly shaded jewel drop earrings would beautifully bring out the floral textures of the lace fabric. 

The Cellina Maxi Dress

Image: Alamour The Label

As a testament to our summer-lovin’ ways, we re-created our Cellina Dress in red—especially for the warm summer months! Like the OG Cellina Dress, it’s the low V-neckline and sweet bow sleeves that really make this maxi. To really go to town—and paint it red—you should invest in a pair of the Shailee Multicoloured Flower Drop Earrings. Pop on some red strappy heels or sandals and you’ll be red as a poppy in this poplin number. 

The Kasia Dress

Image: Alamour The Label

Did you really think we were going to get through this summery list without something yellow? The radiant combination of the Kasia Dress and the Shailee Yellow Flower Drop Earrings make for the sunniest summer ensemble you’ve ever seen. What do we love about this maxi? Its waist cut-outs and open back give it a sultry twist, and it ties everything together with a bow tie-up back. The Kasia Dress plus the yellow flower drop earrings are summer sunshine—or perhaps a summer sunflower—embodied.