The Top Tips and Tricks on How to Make a Wedding Video in 2022

Making a wedding video is easy but making a great video that captures the essence and the little things is what makes the difference. A wedding video is something that is cherished forever, and you must get every single shot perfect on the D-day. 

Since wedding videos last a couple of minutes or less than an hour, compressing a two or 3-day wedding into a few minutes is not a piece of cake. But that’s okay. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you to plan your shots way before the main day.

Bridge And Groom Standing While Holding Flower Bouquet

Lighting and Audio

In videography, lighting is the most crucial factor to create a dramatic effect. And when it comes to wedding videos, it’s vital to get the mood of the scene right so that it’s easy to edit them in post-processing. If the wedding is indoors, tour the venue to understand the lighting so you get a sense of how to position your camera during the event. 

If it’s an outdoor wedding, ensure the sun is not directly hitting the face of the couple, so you get your shots bright and colourful. Be prepared for extreme situations like low-light and too much light. Use a diffuser to soften harsh light on the subjects. 

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Another important thing apart from lighting is having a backup to record audio. It’s crucial to capture quality sound when the couples exchange their vows, and such moments cannot be delayed because you didn’t find the correct position or get the proper lighting. 

Also, no couple would want to watch their wedding video to hear more of the background noise than their actual vows. So, always ensure your camera has good audio quality. Make sure you get to have a proper lighting setup for the day.

Know the Schedule 

It’s essential to know the entire schedule for the day so you can get the right gears and use them for the right moments. That said, it’s not necessary to be shooting with heavy equipment all the time. 

Sometimes, you need to be quick, and sometimes, you may not always have the space to keep your tripod and shoot. So, once you know the venue and where the guests will be seated, you can look for some perfect spots and be ready to capture the moments. 

And for this, knowing the schedule helps. A wedding video of 45 minutes need to have almost all the main events covered, so it’s essential to plan all your shots without missing a single thing.

Tour the Venue

You need to know the venue very well to get some of the best footage for the wedding video. It’s essential to entrances and exits for the final video. So, before the wedding day, go around the venue and pick some spots where you can film better and know the placements of lights and the seating arrangement of guests. 

Person Holding Canon Dslr Camera Close-up Photo

Ensure there is enough space for your camera gears to and for you to shoot, and guests don’t block your frame. Create cinematic effects by getting enough b-rolls and dramatic scenes for the video. Find little details in the venue that you can add to the story. 

Apply cinematic techniques for your shots and impress your viewers with your skills. You can use some of the best wedding video-makers to edit your footage. If you’re shooting for an anniversary, there are some wedding anniversary video maker online that can help you make impressive videos. 

Carry Minimal Gear

Sure, you’ll be in charge of the whole event, and you need to have different lenses to capture distant subjects. But, carrying all pieces of equipment may restrict you from capturing some of the best moments at the right time. 

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So, keep it minimal. Don’t stress yourself to get every shot right with the right gear. But be sure to be quick enough to switch between your gears when needed. Go minimal, and you will see the results turn out great. 

Rehearse camera positioning the day before the wedding, so you get some intimate shots of the wedding. Think about how you will edit your footage in post-production. Try to capture moments from all angles, so it’s easy to edit later.

Don’t forget to Have a Backup

Having a backup memory card or audio gear is super important. You never know when your camera might stop working. Imagine if your camera shuts off when the couple say their “I do’s.” That’s such a nightmare! 

So, have a backup or even a backup for your backup as a double safety measure. Never let the couple miss their precious, intimate moments just because your camera stopped working! Always have a plan B, and sometimes a Plan C or D too. Be extra prepared to deal with any situations that you come across.  

You can edit ceremony footage with a wedding video maker app in an instant once you’ve got all the shots in your file. You can learn how to create a slideshow with music while editing the wedding video and ensure you create highlights videos and a video with all the details. 

Final Thoughts

Planning a wedding in itself is a big deal, and it’s nothing without a wedding video with all intimate moments. 

Use these tips and tricks while shooting and editing the footage to help speed up the process and avoid amateur mistakes. You may also get referrals and land a new client if you’ve done a good job. You never know!

While shooting a wedding video, there are innumerable things to keep in mind to get it right with minimal shots. 

From pre-wedding photoshoots, bridal parties, exchanging wedding vows, dinner parties, and post-wedding shoots, you play a key role for the couple as you capture beautiful memories to cherish forever. If you’re a beginner, knowing these tips and tricks might help.