The benefits of using a face mask to balance combination skin

A vast majority of women have combination skin and the solution to eliminate this problem for good is to apply a face mask for combination skin. The benefits will be noticed in a short time and the dermis will look much healthier and healthier.

However, combination skin is very common and can lead to certain problems and require dermatological treatments. A good hygiene with a beauty cleansing and the application of a facial mask are some proposals to improve the appearance and give it more luminosity.

IROHA Nature’s mask for combination skin

Combination skin is characterized by oily skin in some areas of the face and dryness in others. Therefore, it is necessary to find an optimal solution with a suitable mixture to combat the T-zone that appears on the forehead, nose and chin.

Overactive sebaceous glands are concentrated in this area and this results in clogged pores. When sebum accumulates in them you have to find a way to remove it, because the appearance is much larger and detrimental to aesthetics. In this case, the use of a peeling mask with glycolic acid would help to combat this excess oil.

The IROHA Nature brand offers two masks to improve the texture of the skin and provide greater luminosity thanks to an exfoliation process with excellent results.

Skin Peeling Mask

This is a solution with glycolic acid that contains 95% of certified natural ingredients. The combination of this fruit acid originating from sugar cane, beet extracts or grapes, together with centella asiatica and hyaluronic acid serves to improve skin hydration.

One of the greatest advantages of these masks is that they are biodegradable and are made with cotton and eucalyptus from sustainable forests. It is a moisturizing mask that offers optimal penetration thanks to its active ingredients.

Smoothing & Hydrating Mask 

This treatment is very successful in achieving a much younger and healthier skin. One of the major benefits is to make pores and wrinkles less visible thanks to the active peptides and bakuchiol. This vegan alternative has no negative effects and is suitable for both mature and young skin.

If there is one thing this brand is known for, it is creating clean cosmetics with Clean Beauty principles. Therefore, we are talking about a mask that does not include any type of ingredient that can harm or damage the skin. It is a vegan and paraben-free formula.

In short, to compensate for the imbalances to which the skin is exposed, it is necessary to use the right products for good care. Over the years, the dermis undergoes changes, and it is normal for the fat to disappear to give way to a drier dermis.

In summary, the use of appropriate masks with natural ingredients favors all skin types and offers excellent results. The IROHA Nature brand is a benchmark in the cosmetics sector and its results speak for themselves.