Do Thanksgiving in Style – Here’s What to Wear

Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away, and while everyone fusses over menus, centerpieces and “tablescapes,” far too many are ignoring a crucial part of the day: The Thanksgiving outfit.

You want to look fabulous for the holidays, but let’s be honest – nobody wants a pair of skinny jeans digging into them as they polish off that second helping of stuffing and gravy. And if you’re the host, you want to throw a memorable celebration…but you also want to be comfy while you do it. After all, hot kitchens and tight spaces aren’t exactly conducive to skin tight leggings and a crop top.

So, what to wear?

There are different types of Thanksgiving dinners, and no two are just alike. There are family celebrations, filled with home cooked meals and autumn decorations. You have those who prefer dinners in fancy restaurants. Some people even choose to serve their dinners al fresco.

Here’s a quick style guide to help you decide what to wear, no matter how you choose to celebrate the occasion.

For the low-key, immediate family only celebration

Distressed jeans, a simple black long-sleeved blouse, and a simple, elegant pair of pearl earrings should work nicely. Make sure you pick denim that has a little give to it and can move with you as you run around with the family, be it in the kitchen, watching over the kids table, or throwing around the football in the front yard with pops. And don’t worry, there’s a jean for nearly every body type. Check out this list of the best jeans if you’re a little curvier.

For the extended family and friends celebration

OK, so jeans aren’t going to cut it because along with family and close friends, maybe there are some not-so-familiar faces around the table. Don’t worry, you got this. Find your favorite neutral or autumn-colored (reds, greens, burnt orange and brows work well) oversized sweater and match it with a sleek pair of black leggings. To complete the look, you’ll want an ankle boot with a heel and something to add a little pop – a bold timepiece, stacking rings, or a layered necklace. Don’t know how? Check out this blog from Stitch Fix.

For the “step it up” celebration

Like it or not, for some the holidays are a time where you have to step up your look. If you’re being hosted, distressed denim or an oversized sweater may not cut it. You might need something a little more formal. Don’t panic.

Keep it simple with a classic dress in a rich autumn color. This look can be completed with amazing accessories such as a gold clutch, long earrings, and a simple diamond pendant. Depending on the atmosphere, ankle boots could work. To be safe, though, try and find a pair of comfortable heels (do they even exist?!).

For the restaurant celebration

This is a tough one because all restaurants are different. Our advice? Do your homework. If you’re heading to a Michelin Star restaurant, you have to look the part. A cocktail dress should work well, but make sure it isn’t too short! A few inches above the knee is fine. Dining out somewhere a little more casual? Stick with the styles we’ve listed above and you’ll be just fine.


Yes, accessories get their own category. Here are a few Thanksgiving-approved pieces to consider:

  • Gold hoop earrings (you can find them anywhere)
  • Bangle bracelets (Alex and Ani sell a few of our favorites)
  • A rich leather hand bag (you don’t need to spend a fortune)
  • Statement rings – oversized stones are in (pick up a few at your local department store)
  • Ear cuffs. So chic, and celebs love them.
  • Non-conformist pearls – that’s right. Bet you didn’t know you could rock black pearl studs!
  • Layering necklaces – Why wear one when you can wear three? Keep it simple, though.