Emerging Vaping Trends

All of us know that basic purpose for creating a vaping device was to provide an alternate to smoking so that you can easily quit tobacco smoking and live a healthy life but during the past decade, vaping has evolved so much that now you can’t just call it an alternate to smoking. Many non-smokers have started vaping after getting attracted by other vapers, launch of new catchy vaping devices, wide variety of flavored e-liquids and the element of looking cool. Now it’s a fun, it’s a style, it’s a fashion and it’s a sport. Let’s find out some more emerging trends in vaping.

Vaping Conventions and Events
These days you can rarely find someone who doesn’t know about vaping. Vaping has become a well-known profitable industry as well as a fashion. Like other fashions, vapers and its followers are increasing day by day. In order to stay updated and to share views, experiences and new trends vapers have made their communities around the world. These communities are not only internet based such as social media, as a matter of fact physical communities are also active around the world. We can see these vapers’ communities arrange conventions and social events to market new products, introduce new trends, attract smokers/non-smokers, and to socialize with other vapers. It allows you to broaden your vaping circle, share your views and experiences with like-minded people and be a part of a greater community.

Just in UK, year 2016 was a successful year for vaping conventions and in 2017 Vape Jam UK and Vaper Expo UK were organized for vaping enthusiasts. These large scale events were business and consumer focused where new trends, products and prototypes were introduced.

So if you are looking for new vaping products or you want to meet like-minded people in vaping community to share your views, experiences and tricks then these events are the right platform for you.

A Competitive Sport
It may sound strange but yes, vaping is now a competitive sport especially among the youth to perform unique and best tricks. Youngsters spend hours to practice and learn new tricks. For this purpose they buy bigger tanks with that quality of e-liquids which produce highest amount of vapour. After mastering these tricks, they record and upload videos on YouTube and other platforms on social media.

Although limited amount of research studies have been conducted on vaping but results of most of the studies came in to the favor of vaping i.e. it is far lower harmful than smoking. This is one of the reasons that number of vapers are increasing with time and many non-smokers are also joining the club. Besides this we can see vaping pictures and videos are appearing more and more on social media and on T.V./movies. Ultimately, it can be seen that vaping has outshined traditional smoking in the field of fashion and made its own place.

Cloud Chasers
One of the famous trends in vaping is ‘’Cloud Chasers’. Though it sounds strange but the term is self-explanatory. Cloud Chasers are those vapers who want largest and thickest clouds.

Most of the Cloud Chasers have nothing to do with nicotine cravings; all they care about is cloud density. It’s actually a fun to see that vapers are taking vaping to the next level. Vapers achieve these goals by using vegetable glycerin e-juice. Vegetable Glycerin is one of the two basic ingredients in e-liquid and this is what produces the vapor. Cloud Chasers mostly use e-juices with very low or zero nicotine level.

Such kinds of vaping tricks competitions are now being held in many countries and in social media. A number of vape manufactures are now specially designing vape gear for competition and tricks purposes.

A self-made method created by vapers for getting thicker clouds is called ‘’Dripping’’. This method is gaining popularity amongst teens and vape competitors. This is done by dropping vape liquid directly on to hot coils inside the vape device. A study conducted by www.pediatrics.org revealed that 64% of teens use this method to get dense clouds and 40% use this method for enhanced taste.

Vaping Trends in Social Media
Social media is now a cheapest and easiest source not only for socializing but gaining popularity as well. While talking about vaping, we can see a number of groups and pages are there especially dedicated to vaping where people share new trends and experiences and also they upload videos of vaping tricks. Through those vaping tricks videos, they challenge other vapers around the world to do the same trick or to come up with a new and different trick and in comments section vapers share their experience and views about that particular trick. Thus, it has created a kind of competition among vapers. We have made a collection of some of the famous vaping tricks on YouTube. Let’s check it out:
French Inhale

Smoke Rings

Double and Triple O’s

Vape Tornado


Vape Bending

Bull Ring

Jelly Fish

The Lasso

Vape Bubbles


Bane Inhale

Ghost Inhale

The Waterfall

Vape Backflip