Take advantage of Balisarda’s 40% off summer sale for semi precious stone bracelets

Summer came to an end, the temperatures are dropping and the days are getting shorter. Moreover, the vacation period is over and we all have to get back to work. So, theoretically, there is no good news around this time. However, if you are an avid shopper, you are already guessing what we are going to talk about in this article. That’s right, summer sales! Usually, after an important season ends, that is in September or March, prices drop to values you didn’t even dare to dream about a month before. This is the case with semi precious stone bracelets too, as you will see below.

Balisarda is a jewelry shop which mostly offers products for men, such as beaded, silver or gold bracelets, as well as necklaces and rings. As part of their Summer sale, they have announced a 40% cut of their semi precious stone bracelets. The slogan of this campaign is “An exotic look for your urban style. End your summer with extra style”. So, if you want to give your man a special present, without spending a lot of money, check out their offer:

1. Black Onyx Beaded Bracelet | Sterling Silver Jewelry | Black Gemstones

These semi precious stone bracelets arrive in a beautiful pouch and, as their name suggests, they show off an elegant black color. As all other models, they have an important power over their owner, more precisely they provide depth of thought, helping you feel introspective and self confident. In other words, they help him with his self improvement.

2. Zebra Jasper Beaded Bracelet | Sterling Silver Jewelry | Multicolored Gemstones

As you can already tell from their name, these semi precious stone bracelets have a distinctive multicolored design, in shades of black and white. In terms of features, they help men with inspiration and self improvement. Basically, what they do is provide vitality and help them gain harmony in their life.

3. Hawk’s Eye Beaded Bracelet | Sterling Silver Jewelry | Multicolored Gemstones

These 8 mm / 10 mm semi precious stone bracelets are equipped with 18 multicolored beads, ranging from black to dark and light brown. Extremely elegant, lying on a Sterling Silver cylinder, these beads provide insight which helps men communicate more effectively.

4. Red Mixed Tiger Eye Beaded Bracelet | Sterling Silver Jewelry | Multicolored Gemstones

Last but not least, the Red Mixed Tiger Eye Beaded Bracelet is one of the most elegant types of semi precious stone bracelets from Balisarda’s offer. The dark brown beads, with red and yellow irises, will remind your special man of some of the finest drinks such as whiskey, but also of wood, which is one of the strongest materials on Earth. The Red Mixed Tiger Eye provides motivation and helps him feel passionate and grounded.

Any of these semi precious stone bracelets can be yours for just 75 Euros, a 51 Euros cut from their original price. So take advantage of Balisarda’s summer sale and buy men’s jewelry that you know suits your partner best, both in terms of fashion style and personality!