Stylish and Beautiful Fashion Bloggers Over 40

A lot of people might think that being a style icon is only for gorgeous 20-somethings, but we’re here to tell you that you can be fashionable no matter what your age. There are so many fashion bloggers out there in the world, but we wanted to focus on those who are 40 and over, just to show that style has no age restriction.

Trina from Petite Style Studio is simply effortlessly chic at all times. Displaying outfits for a vast range of occasions, Trina can go from looking casual on hot summer days to appearing sharp in a boardroom setting. As someone who prefers to pick up affordable pieces that look more expensive than they actually are, Trina is someone to be inspired by, no matter the age. Not only does Trina run a fantastic blog, she also provides styling services in the Boston area, so it’s not just her own fashion that she cares about!

Kim Mitchell Stokes is a busy art director for an undisclosed fashion brand during the week, and has been an urbane blogger on j’adore couture on the weekends since 2004. With a such a classy and sophisticated look, Kim is a fashionista that girls of any age would do well to emulate. The way she combines modern outfits with stunning accessories is a skill in itself. She nominates actress Diane Kruger (also a 40-year-old goddess) as her style icon, and that outfits for the fall season are her favorite.

The cheekily-titled Not Dressed As Lamb is a must-see blog from 44-year-old Catherine Summers, who states that being “age appropriate” is garbage, and women can dress as they like no matter the age. In addition to her fabulous hair color, we love Catherine for her bold and colorful approach to fashion. Daring to wear whatever she likes, she manages to look amazing in everything from gown dresses to weekend overalls, to blue jeans and a white blouse. In fact, Catherine describes her style choice herself: “I’ve been dubbed the “Queen of Clash” due to a penchant for pattern-mixing and a tendency to wear bright colours.”

Though they might look and dress differently, all these bloggers have some things in common. For one, they aren’t about ‘competing’ with each other, but rather prefer to build a blogging community where everyone networks with one another – the benefits of which is discussed here. Secondly, they continuously promote the idea of not letting age dictate your wardrobe choice, and to be the most stylish and confident version of yourself throughout your life.