School Gear that’ll Let Your Kids Express Themselves

Did you know that forcing children to abandon personal expression and conform to what everyone else is doing can lower their self-esteem and mental health?

One way you can allow your kids to express themselves in a healthy way is to let them choose — with parent guidance as necessary — their school clothes, footwear, and gear. Unless you homeschool your kids, they probably spend more time with teachers and classmates than with parents and siblings. 

Even if your kids go to schools that require uniforms, there are still ways they can express their sense of style and fashion. It might take some ingenuity. But it can be done.

Are you ready to help your little ones express their individuality in a positive way? Keep reading for tips that’ll guide your kids in the right direction.


When it comes to finding trendy clothing for children, the internet is your friend. Your kids probably already know what they like or what they want. So, going online and checking out selections from retailers like Gap, Old Navy, H&M, and other stores that offer kids’ clothing is a great start. 

Allow your kids to explore different colors and patterns. Read up on trends for children’s clothing so that you can offer proper guidance to your kids. You won’t want to make decisions for them. But you can provide suggestions.

If your kids are fans of your style, getting ideas might be as easy as letting them explore your closet and chest of drawers. Let them see things up close. And allow them to handle it. Cotton, satin, cashmere, velvet, and other materials feel different. There’s also a wide array of colors and patterns to consider. What are their favorite colors, and are they open to exploring other colors, patterns, or color combinations? 

Are your kids interested in slacks, overalls, skirts, dresses, sweaters, pullovers, hoodies, or other types of clothing? Let them spearhead the search for the clothing they want — but give them as much or as little help as they request.

A thrift store is a great place to look for fashionable clothing, and you’ll find low prices for these gently used items. Let your kids pick out several outfits that help them express their sense of style. If they have clothes at home that they have outgrown or don’t want anymore, encourage them to donate these items to a thrift shop. You might even ask them to donate an article of clothing for each one they purchase from the thrift shop. 


Another way your child can express themselves at school is with their gear. Every child, for instance, needs a backpack for school. But that doesn’t mean they have to buy the same cookie-cutter variety backpack that all their peers have. 

Some backpack manufacturers go all out to create unique products that allow kids to show individuality and personality. Your kids can get a donut backpack, American football backpack, unicorn backpack, penguin backpack, and many other unique options. So, if standing out for the right reasons is the goal, there’s a backpack for that.


Are you interested in finding trendy and stylish shoes for kids? Check out places like Foot Locker, Zappos, Dick’s Sporting Goods, DSW,  and other retailers that sell kid’s shoes. When it comes to shoes, you can get all types. There are velcro closure or laces, slip-ons, sneakers or runners, sandals, and other types. Your children might want tie-dye or light-up sneakers that light up courtesy of LED soles. If your children need some inspiration, go online and see what options are there, or take a trip to any store that sells kid’s foodwear.

In summary, there are some simple ways you can help your children become the best versions of themselves possible. Through their clothes, footwear, and gear, your kids can show their individuality and gain confidence at school and elsewhere.