Make A Statement Beyond Your Fashion With These Spring Fragrances

One of the easiest ways to express yourself without uttering a word is by dressing the part. When you wear clothes, shoes, and accessories that accentuate the best parts of you, it cultivates a level of confidence that commands the attention of the room. What you’re wearing says a lot about your sense of style, personality, and mood. Add to that a captivating fragrance and watch others light up as you pass. 

Tips When Wearing Statement-Making Perfumes

It’s nice to be the center of attention sometimes. Getting positive opinions and compliments from others gives you a confidence boost. Be that as it may, sometimes, being too bold isn’t ideal. If you’re going to wear bold, “look at me” fragrances, your best bet is to wear them at night or outdoors so it’s not overpowering. The scents listed below are great for weddings, date nights, birthday parties, graduations, and outdoor events. 

Tom Ford’s Costa Azzura

There’s something enchanting about the essence of spring that grabs everyone’s attention. Somehow, Tom Ford was able to design a perfume that combines summer and winter scents to create a fragrance that makes you feel like you’re on a Mediterranean getaway in the spring. This unisex aroma is from earthy and woody families. Its main notes include cypress, lemon, and oakwood. 

Michael Kors’ Gorgeous

If you want to feel absolutely amazing and spark a few conversations at your next scheduled event, then you must purchase Michael Kors’ Gorgeous. It’s a woodsy and floral combination with notes like a white flower, jasmine, tobacco, pink pepper, bergamot, and mandarin orange to give you that boost of confidence that says, “I’ve arrived”. 

Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy

Would you consider yourself the life of the party? Do people enjoy being around you for the bubbly, playful, and fun vibes you exude? Then Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy is something to consider. The sweet, fruity, floral mixture makes it just right for parties, cookouts, vacations, and other fun spring activities. It has a small amount of heavy whipped cream and notes like juicy pear, bergamot, blackberry, honeysuckle, and marshmallow, to name a few. 

Valentino Voce Viva

Perhaps you’re more interested in a fragrance that screams femininity and sensuality from the rooftop? Valentino Voce Vivia works well for date nights with your partner or a nice spring lunch outdoors with the family. Some of the notes worth highlighting include orange blossom, Italian bergamot, mandarin, and gardenia. Be careful, as many women have gotten hooked after just one wear. 

Quick And Savvy Shopping Tips

Do any of the fragrances listed above sound interesting to you? If so, you’ll want to use these quick and savvy shopping tips to get the best deals. 

  • Compare Prices – Don’t settle for the first advertisement you see. While the price may be reasonable, you can always save money by comparing a few different companies. 
  • Choose Reputable Sites – When you’re ready to make a purchase, ensure that you only buy from reputable sites. There are a lot of con artists out there that will sell customers knockoffs and fake perfumes. Assess the authenticity and security of the site and check customer reviews before making a purchase. 
  • Use Coupon Codes – If you’re shopping for fragrances on a budget, you can save yourself a few bucks by using coupon codes. You can do a general internet search or check the designer’s site and sign up for notifications and codes. That way you can buy the scents you want without feeling guilty. 

When it comes to fashion and beauty, spring is the perfect season to strut your stuff. If you’re the kind of woman that likes to make a statement or you simply have a special event coming up, you’ll need a perfume to help you express yourself. The above statement perfumes are perfect to wear when you want to turn heads, start conversations, mesmerize, or captivate your audience. By choosing any of the options above, you’ll be a strong memory in their minds that they’ll never forget.