Passionate Artistry Yields Perpetual Fashion

Trends Are Illusory
Today’s fashionable individual will be a bit more considerate of older trends. With the “hipster” movement has come a trend re-evaluating old styles; but some styles are intrinsically fashionable. If someone gave you a diamond ring from 1795, would the style in which the ring were presented matter very much? Or is it not more likely that its antiquated means of display would in fact enhance the potency of the ring’s legacy, demonstrating directly how ancient it is? “But it’s out of style,” you say. Well really…at that point who cares about style? Who cares what trend facilitated the design of the ring, so long as it’s visibly a ring, and it fits on your finger? About the only thing to consider at this juncture is perhaps sizing the ring; maybe the band itself isn’t quite sturdy enough to sustain manipulation–though it will likely be made of some precious metal, meaning that shouldn’t be an issue.


More Than Just Antiquities
“But,” you say, “what you’re referencing in your point are antiquities that are inherently valuable. Surely furniture styles must change–” well, hold on a second there. Consider your grandmother’s ancient oaken armoire; the one with the curvaceous designs and the marbled knobs used to style-up the sitting room. That piece of furniture was moderately priced when it was made; but because of its sturdy design and beautiful construction, it has actually appreciated in value, and is the kind of centerpiece often sought to tie a room together. Do you see the connection here? It has craftsmanship; passion in artistry. Regardless of the era, regardless of the item, regardless of functionality, those things which have been made with an integrity of design will always stand the test of time. True integrity can find no better partner than passion, as the passion restricts sub-par solutions from even being considered. Trends often don’t rely on passion. The fashion of the day comes from celebrities owned by clothing conglomerates with corporate interests that don’t necessarily align with actual standards of beauty. That’s why so many trends go in and out of fashion: the marketing which recommends them necessarily runs out of steam over time. But fine suits and ties are essentially the same as they were sixty years ago; only constructed of upgraded materials. It’s still high fashion to strut the streets in polished wingtips.


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Passion Breeds Excellence
So what’s to be said, then–should no innovation be pursued? That seems to be a poor attitude, the truth is passion evokes innovative designs naturally. A designer of jewelry will by desire seek out the finest way to cut gems and fashion precious metals around those precious stones. There are a cavalcade of jewelry stores in Virginia Beach, and finding the one which offers the most time-resistant designs will be a matter of looking with eyes on the hunt for beauty. That beauty should be evident in stark, clean designs; as well as filigreed, delicately folded confetti surrounding the finest gems.


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Transcending Contemporary Fashion
In the end, you must consider what things tend to stand the test of time. In jewelry circles, investments definitely stand to increase their value. The more artistic and individual the pieces you find are, the greater an investment they become. Since jewelry is often purchased in a special way, for a special reason, another thing to consider is shopping not for price, but for effect. Sometimes spending a little more than you would otherwise choose to can actually end up introducing a valuable heirloom to the family which will continue to accrue in value as the generations come.



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