Outfit Inspiration From Rachel Green Of FRIENDS

Rachel, Joey, Phoebe, Chandler and Ross; are those the name of your favorite characters? If you are a 90’s baby, you would surely be a die-hard fan of FRIENDS. It was the TV show which was popular among all age groups of people; especially the teenagers. If you say that you didn’t want to be like them, would be a total lie. Everybody was inspired by the fashion of Rachel, who was supposedly the trendiest girl among them. However, her outfits were so stylish that they have made a comeback once again. So buckle up and get ready to experience the opportunity to shop some of Rachel’s best looks while availing Shoptiques coupons.


If you have ever carefully noticed while watching FRIENDS, denim is Rachel’s best friend. She portrays an effortless look each time you see her in any episode. However, her fashion statement does not look that old because the same trends have come back. With the use of Shoptiques coupon, you can easily shop this casual look in a discounted price. So get ready to be casual and rock any outfit by putting on these famous pair of jeans!




When you see Kendall Jenner wearing a choker necklace, don’t be mistaken that she started the trend. All hail the one and only Rachel Green! She was surely the queen of fashion because even in the 90’s, she sure knew how to be remembered even after 15 years. This black lace daisy choker will give you a bohemian effect which is going to make you feel classy and gorgeous. Shoptiques coupons are your key to buy this absolutely amazing piece of jewelry from www.promotioncodesfor.com.



Footwear is the essential piece in any outfit. It defines your overall personality. We knew Rachel loved a casual look because she could carry it in a perfect way. The recent fashion trend is no different. We see different celebrities wearing platform shoes or sneakers under all of their dresses. It is becoming a cool option for those people who want to have an easy and graceful gait. You can shop the highest quality of these shoes easily by getting yourself a pair of the Acotw Platform.


The All- Time favorite Jeans Vest

Jennifer Aniston’s stylist was really impressed by the denim look on her. Therefore, she has been wearing denim through all the episodes! It is her classic Rachel look where she looks hot, as well as being relaxed. That’s what you call being ‘comfortable under your own skin’. Shop this look with use of Shoptiques coupon to get even more benefits unlocked in the quest to look fashionable.



Now you can make your friends jealous by wearing all of these statement pieces to ensure that you look totally like ‘Rachel Green’. Her haircut is also something to appreciate in her personality, because very clearly we can’t imagine Rachel without her statement short hair (which she carries so effortlessly). This one is a treat for the fans of FRIENDS who still watch it on repeat (Thanks to Netflix.)