Men’s Fashion: 5 Ways To Create That Smart, Casual Look

We all know how to dress to impress at work, yet there are times when we want to feel comfortable without losing that smart touch, and with that in mind, here are a few smart, casual look ideas that might work for you.

The Denim Look

A well-fitting Levi denim shirt with a pair of 501s will give you that urban cowboy appearance, and with a pair of aviators and a sports watch, you are almost there. Hi-end trainers make for the perfect footwear, and avoid tears, patches or rips, as this is not conducive to the look you are trying to create.

The Polo Shirt

A designer polo shirt makes for an ideal summer evening look, and with contrasting pants and a classic belt, you are the pinnacle of smart-casual fashion. You are equally at home on the golf course or on the decks of a superyacht, and let’s not forget the aviator or wayfarer shades, which can be found with the online designer sunglasses website. Mirrored lenses add to the look, and black frames are ideal, as they go with everything.

The Top Gun Look

This appeals to most guys and, of course, the most important item is the flight jacket, and there are online solutions, but do expect to pay a high price for a good quality flying jacket. A well-fitting pair of jeans and black leather boots are advised, and with designer aviators that last a lifetime, you are all ready to climb aboard that 900RR and blast the highway.

Cardigan & Corduroy

A classic wool cardigan with a nice pair of corduroy pants really does look smart, and with light beige or brown, you can match with a pair of loafers. If you want to get cheap aviator sunglasses that have a lifetime guarantee, an online designer sunglasses retailer has styles to suit everyone. If you have a vintage wristwatch or pocket watch, this would be a great accessory for the country manor look.

The Distinguished Gentleman

Tweed is the fabric of choice, with a nice waistcoat, a pocket watch, and a country-style cap would not go amiss, along with a pair of brown wayfarers, brogue shoes that are polished, and wool socks. Of course, the setting for such attire should be suitable, otherwise you will feel a little out of place, so do choose carefully when dressing to look like a country aristocrat.  

The great thing about online shopping is you have access to top quality products at around 20% less than recommended retail prices, and if you find online boutiques for men, you are sure to acquire the right garments to create the look you desire. Sunglasses are, of course, an essential accessory and rather than pay a couple of hundred dollars for a brand name, you can source great quality shades of all styles that are guaranteed for a lifetime. When looking at online products of any nature, check out the supplier’s returns policy, as this is a reflection of the quality of their products.