Pro Tips on How To Pack Wardrobe items for Moving

Moving can be a tiresome and lengthy process, especially if you have a wardrobe full of precious clothes, shoes, bags, and all the necessary fashion accessories. It’s probably an instinct to cut corners and choose the most straightforward actions when it comes to packing the various belongings, but with a little organization, the proper logistics, and the right methods, packing clothes can become one of the easiest things to do during a relocation.

We’ve put together for you the most effective packing methods that will significantly help you streamline the otherwise complicated wardrobe-relocating effort. Many of these tips are essential to make everything as smooth as possible, while others can be done during the process’s last steps. So, before you decide to start the life-changing relocation, take a look at this guide and soak in as much information as possible to make the packing of your wardrobe items easy, efficient, and even fun.

1. Only pack clean clothes

We know that it’s tempting to pack all of your clothes in one or two big boxes and finish the whole task. But this strategy has many flaws. It’s always ideal to wash all of your things, let them dry completely, and when that’s done, fold and hang them. Why is this a better idea? Well, this gives you the chance to assess your entire closet and get rid of the stuff you don’t need. It’s even better to give those clothes to a charity or directly to the people in need. 

To make things simpler, here’s what you need to do:

  • Wash, dry, fold, and then hang your clothes
  • You should organize your items by season
  • Donate all the unused, unwanted belongings
  • Try to separate seasonal clothing that you won’t need during the relocation. 

2. Start with off-season items: pack time first

When you’re finished with the organizational part of your wardrobe items, you should start packing the off-season items ahead of time. What you need to focus on? Well, you should pay attention only to those items that you won’t be needing for a few months. Once you finish, label the boxes so that these don’t need to be unpacked right away. If you know that you won’t be needing them for a more extended period, let’s say 6-9 months, then make sure to protect your garments against unwanted pests, moisture, and other things that could damage them. 

3. Choose the best packing technique

There are several packing methods you can choose from. How to decide? The distance of the move and the number of items you have will determine which works for you best. If you have a long-distance move or even an international relocation, it’s vital to keep all your wardrobe items protected, sealed, and safe. If you’re up for a short, local move, you don’t need to stress that much. In this case, you can zip tie hangers together or put everything in a bigger box and put these in the back seat of a car or in the back of a truck. 

4. Want to skip the hard work? Go with the professionals

If all of the tips and steps mentioned above and seemed exhausting, don’t panic. You can get the right help from the right people. Going with the pros, such as the Empire Movers, will make your life a whole lot easier. They have the experience, tools, trucks, logistics, and everything needed to give you precisely that you need in this situation. The experienced movers will take care of all the minor and major details of the move, so you can sit back and enjoy the whole process.