Loved up and loving it: 4 unbeatable ideas for Valentine’s Day


Let’s face it, if you’ve been in a relationship for some time it can be a bit of a challenge coming up with something different, something new; something genuinely memorable to do with your partner on Valentine’s Day. Be honest, are you stuck for ideas this year? Well, if you are, you may just find one of the following suggestions hits the spot – Cupid’s arrow-like, naturally…

Mellow out by having a massage

Granted, a visit to the local spa is an activity that generally women tend to prefer than men. But this is Valentine’s Day; it’s all about shared, indulgent, unforgettable experiences. And what could be better than the pair of you being pampered something rotten and relaxing together while your minds, spirits and bodies get some serious R&R? Indeed, a facial and nail treatment for her, a sauna session for him and a full-body massage for both of you at a tip-top spa – especially if it’s located in a beautiful out-of-town hotel – could be just the ticket to unwind and, yes, get you in the mood on February 14th.

Dress up and dine-out

So, when was the last time that, as a couple, you both dressed yourselves up to the nines and went out together for a sophisticated evening on which you both felt like a million dollars? Racking your brain there? Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to get properly togged-up and step out together as if you’re going to walk the red carpet at a movie premiere – or at least go out for splendiferously romantic slap-up dinner. But just what to wear? Well for her, such a night out for Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to throw on one of those eye-turning, full-length prom dresses. And for him? Well, there’s nothing like getting seriously suited and booted now and then. And, depending on how stylish the venue is, you could always through on that tuxedo at the back of the cupboard – why not

Whisk away your loved one on a short-break

Taking it one step further, you and your partner could really splash the cash and get away from it all this February. How does a beautiful little bed-and-breakfast in the country sound? Or a romantic resort abroad? Or a jaunt to a mellifluous metropolis overseas? Indeed, if your cash’ll stretch far enough, a short-break might be just the thing should you both be feeling the midwinter blues – after all, who says no to a holiday? And, thanks to the plethora of cheap flights and budget hotel offers around nowadays, you might well be able to find something in your price range; whatever it is. Just remember the time of year you’ll be travelling, though, so pack sensible clothes – for instance, women’s winter boots, from the likes of Mr Shoes would surely be a must!

Recreate your first date

Finally, this is surely the most romantic way of all you could spend Valentine’s Day with your loved one. Remember how genuinely butterflies-in-your-stomach-inducing, exciting, and electric those early days were when you got together? Why not re-enact the first time you went out to recapture it all – or maybe even improve on it! Either way, it’ll feel enormously romantic should you manage to, say, book the same table at the same restaurant, eat similar dishes and desserts and sample the same wine. It’ll probably allow you both to reflect on all the time you’ve spent together since then and how lucky you are to have each other. After all, isn’t that exactly what Valentine’s Day’s for?