How To Stand Out In A Crowd With Unique Handmade Jewelry

Even in the prehistoric times jewelry made out of shells, bones, and stone was worn. Through the years, it’s function has evolved into much more than status symbol or protection from dangers. Women take advantage on the use jewelry for centuries to accentuate their beauty.In the modern times, jewelry is the ultimate accessory that will add personality to any outfit. With having so many choices available, the real question is:How to stand out in a crowd with unique handmade jewelry?

Handmade vs factory: The huge difference

The name says it all. Handmade jewelry is made by the skilled hands of the artisan. Every detail A factory machine can produce up to hundreds of pieces per hour, while a person can craft much less that that. The whole process of designing, shaping and carving is done by hand. This means that no two pieces will be the same. The artisan puts his time and effort into creating one unique piece.

One unique piece of jewelry will make the perfect gift for anyone, for any occasion. If you want to give a meaningful gift that will last, then this is definitely your choice. A collection of authentic and hand picked jewelry inspired by nature from the Reveka Rose store is something worth considering. 

The advantages

Why do women decide to invest in authentic handmade jewelry, instead of cheap jewelry? These are the advantages:

Higher quality

Even on the first glance, everyone can notice the difference between cheap fake and good quality jewelry. Handmade jewelry is made from high quality metals.On the other hand, cheap jewelry isn’t and this can lead to skin reactions. After wearing it for a few times, discoloration may occur and your piece will no longer look the same. That’s why investing in a good quality piece is always the best solution. The process of small-scale production allows proper tracking and control, which results in better quality control. Since the name of the artisan stands behind each piece, they will never release flawed products on the market. 


Express your true self

Don’t you hate when everyone else is wearing the same jewelry? Trends come and go, but classics are meant to stay forever. There is not much space to express your individualism with mass-produced jewelry. The uniqueness of handmade jewelry will make it possible for you to show off your personal style.

 Wide choice

Just because handmade jewelry is unique, it does not have to mean that the choice is limited. In opposite to that, you can make your choice among the many styles available. Stones, beads, and precious metals such as sterling silver, choose the combination that will be best friend with your personality.