How To Master Color Mixing

Color mixing is naturally difficult. It is tough to know what colors work well together and so many just end up wearing black, white and gray as they are afraid not to get it wrong. While superstars like Jennifer Lawrence can easily make this work, you will surely want to have some color in your life.

You need to remember the fact that you are not born with the knowledge of how to mix colors. This is something that you learn, a skill and not a talent. Just like all skills, you can learn it. All the strategies below will help you out.

Match The Color Family

This is really straightforward. You have to combine pastels with pastels. The jewel tones go great with jewel tones and the earth tones do work really well with other earth tones.

Complimentary Colors Can Be Found With Color Wheels

The main reason why superstars like Selena Gomez look great when they wear practically anything is that they use complimentary colors, colors that look great and that match according to color wheels. Complimentary basically means opposite. White and black are the obvious complimentary colors that everyone knows.

Every single color out there has its own complimentary color. It just has to be right on the other side of a color wheel. The true complimentary colors are those that are at the same distance from the middle of the wheel. However, it is possible to combine colors right from the center, like green with pale yellow, while adding outside edge complimentary color, as deep mauve.

The J Crew Method

When you think about colors, you have to consider J. Crew. All clothes offered will be styled on models and the chosen colors are great. Take one clothing piece that you want to transform into a complete outfit. Go to the website of and check out the catalogue. Look for something that has the exact same color. Analyze what it is combined with and then you have a huge advantage.

Ombre Tests

There is absolutely no need to end up in a depression when choosing complimentary colors. However, if you have some patience, you will be successful. Take a close look at the different color shades that appear for similar colors. These almost always look tremendous. You can use Google search for images and look for “ombre color”. You will notice many things.

Prints Are Great For Guides

Look at the designers that you love and find a print there. Simply break down the colors. This will allow you to make a great outfit. Rank print colors from those that are least used to those that are most used. Wear the larger items like coats, sweaters and dresses in the color that is most used. The accessories and small items can be in the colors that are least used.

Black And White Is Always Great

Most neutrals are great if you want to mix them up, according to However, white and black work perfectly together and stand out as the main colors in the entire family. You will love the combination. When everything fails, you need to be sure that you get back to black and white. This is something that will help you out a lot. It is not at all difficult to make a mistake when referring to color combinations but if you do not have all the knowledge necessary, consider black and white.