How to Buy a Name Necklace

A necklace is a piece of jewelry that is common among people, young and old. It’s a versatile type of jewelry that you can wear and forget. Many people choose to wear a chain necklace because it is unobtrusive, yet looks good and fits on most occasions. It never goes out of style, and you can extend its appeal further, by hanging a pendant, or having a name necklace, which you can wear by itself or together with a chain necklace.  

Characteristics of a name necklace

A name necklace is usually custom-made. You can order a name necklace for yourself or for someone you cherish. It can depict the owner’s unique style and personality, with the choice of font, design, style, and embellishments. You can have your name spelled out, or you can have the name engraved on a small block of gold or silver.

The my name necklace option is offered by many jewelers, and you can choose a single-piece design attached to a chain or one that moves freely on the chain. 

Styles of name necklaces

Like chain necklaces, name necklaces come in several styles to fit the customer’s look. Because name necklaces are custom-made, you can choose the style you want, and wait a few days for it to be created.

Some of the more popular styles of name necklaces are as follows:

  • Signature font. In the signature font style, the name is spelled out, and each end of the name is connected to the chain. You can choose a cursive font, stylized, or block font, which looks better if you have a short name.
  • Name bar. You’ll have more flexibility and freedom to express your style with a name bar necklace. Your name is usually cut out on the inner part of a rectangular bar. Like the signature font style, the name is suspended on the chain, vertically or horizontally. 
  • Name tag. The name tag style is similar to the name bar. But this one is applicable to a vertically-positioned tag. Your name is cut in the inner part of the rectangle. A bail on the top end allows the tag to slide onto the chain necklace, which comes with the order. The name tag is separate from the chain, so it moves on the chain. 
  • Couple’s names. Couples looking for something different to show their mutual fondness can order a couple’s name necklace. Designs include the bar style, infinity style, or the heart style to spell out the two names. The names could be attached to the chain or come with a bail so it can slide on the chain as the wearer moves. 
  • Initial name. Someone who wants to have a name necklace without revealing their name can choose an initial name necklace. The choices include a single letter, two letters, or a maximum of three letters. The initial name necklace can either be monogrammed on a square or rectangular piece of metal like a dog tag or suspended on the chain as a hanging letter. 

Choose the style that fits your personality and your lifestyle. You can add sparkle to name necklaces with diamonds, diamond melee, or Swarovski crystals.