Hot Footwear Trends for Women: Great Ways to Rock Those Cute Ankle Boots

Now that winter’s finally over, you’re probably as eager to jump into sandals and flip-flops as we are. After all, it’s high time to get a great pedicure and show off your toes. But what if your feet aren’t quite summer-pretty or the evening turns out to be chillier than anticipated? Don’t worry. You can wear your favorite ankle boots in any season if you do it right. Start shopping for ankle boots with this discount code for famous footwear.

Even cave women had their favorite pair of boots

Face it. Boots are some of the most wonderful footwear ever invented. In fact, boots have been around longer than anyone alive can recall. Archeologists have described boots that were seen in newly discovered cave paintings that date back many millennia. In ancient times, heel height was ofttimes used as a citation of power. Roman emperors were even known to wear boots with soles of gold, according to Love To Know magazine.

Typically crafted from leather or suede, boots can also be made from wool, cotton, felt, silk, and animal fur. Seal skin boots and boots fashioned of caribou hide are fine and dandy if you live at the North Pole. For summertime in the Big City, you’re going to want something a bit more lightweight and modern.

Ankle boots anytime, anywhere

Spring and summer are ideal seasons for trotting out your preferred pair of booties. Ankle boots go great with flirty short-shorts or long breezy skirts. Dress up your beloved booties with snazzy short boot socks and wear ‘em anywhere. Be sure to slide your socks up and over your pants legs for maximum appeal. Slip into a silky kimono and your skinniest pair of jeans, don your booties, and off you go. Roll your pants cuffs extra-high to show off your trim ankles and decorative boot socks, recommends Gurl magazine.

Cuffing correctly

Of course, skinny jeans are not the only way to wear denim pants with your favorite pair of super-cute ankle boots. If you cuff the legs of your blue jeans before putting them on, you can perfectly pair your boots with boyfriend jeans, baggies, or straight-legged denim jeans. For the coolest look of all, be sure the booties you boast with any style of jeans have a substantially high heel. To make the perfect pants cuff, fold the hem upwards by about two inches. After that, fold each cuff up one more time, slip into your jeans, and make any necessary adjustments once they’re on.

PS: If you want your skinny jeans to show off your boots to the max, fold the cuffs inward, iron them flat, slide them on, and tuck the creased cuffs into your boot socks.

When it comes to wearing your favorite ankle boots in warm weather, throw out the rule books and let imagination be your guide. Forget the notion that boots must be brown or black. A splash of color, such as red suede ankle boots or bright blue booties, adds pop and pizazz to your warm weather palette.