17 Under-Radar Bridal Designers You Should Know

As you prepare for the big and most memorable day of your life, bridal design is one of the most critical areas of your wedding that you should take care of. As a bride, you should prepare for your wedding early enough to have breath-taking designs as hallmarking your wedding. But how do you attain exclusive design without access to a designer?

To answer the above question, you don’t need to contact “big” designers to do the job. You can get excellent but little-known fledging wedding designers to do you excellent bridal designs. Here, you are going to find all the information you need about these upcoming designers.


  • Chana Marelus


First on the list of our upcoming bridal designers is Chana Marelus, a Tel Aviv-based designer in Israel. Chana serves a more conservative market of those brides who want to approach their big day with an orthodox aura and flair. If you want to give your wedding a mix of religious and customary flavor, then she is among the best designers you can talk to. You can enjoy a variety of sleeved and high neckline designs to embellish your wedding day.


  • Delpozo


For those brides in Miami, they have a great place to get their big day’s gowns. The designer offers excellent silhouettes, innovative appliqués, and the softest of silk tulles for your sampling and enjoyment on your wedding ceremony.


  • Houghton


Under the creative mind and creations of Katherine Polk’ Houghton designers is another upcoming name you can rely on to beautify and make your wedding day stand out. The designer has offerings that are ready to wear alongside artistically designed and easy-to-wear silhouettes.


  • Victoria KyriaKides


Fourth on our list is this creative and artistically endowed designer based out of Athens. Vicky’s style is punctuated by confidence, super glamour, and creativity.


  • Santos Costura


Our fifth fledging designer is Santos from Barcelona, Spain. The designer has devoted himself to the production of exclusive wedding gowns that mark the city’s age-long tradition. The designer’s collections have varying styles that present the modern bride with something that empowers them with a modern feel of creativity for their joyous day.


  • Oh Oih


This bridal designer has a wide collection for brides that is marked by simplicity and beauty that inspires creativity. The designs are intended to leave the modern bride shouting, “Oh yes!” just as the name “Oh Oih” means in the French tongue.


  • Savannah Miller


Miller is an upcoming designer who is dedicated to creating something new and exclusive so that you can set yourself and wedding apart. Within the few years she has been in the industry, Miller is sending shock waves, and it is just a matter of time before she carves herself a name among the “big girls” ruling the industry.


  • Dana Dallal


At number eight on our list is Dana, the British designer based out of London. She is committed to producing delicate and unconventional placements marked with unique touches of color and style.


  • Georges Hobeika


Georges is another designer dedicated to the offering of beading and superb fittings. Based out of Beirut, he is committed to seeing that brides get unique and ready-to-wear designs.


  • Mademoiselle de Guise


This designer is among the “new kids on the block” who are offering modern brides designs that blend fun and style. The designer’s collection is also versatile, offering you the opportunity to sample a variety of creations and designs.


  • Elizabeth Suzann’s The White Collection


This designer helps brides to get a wedding gown with an opportunity to dress for their memorable day without appearing as if they are wearing a gown. She ensures that brides get a blend of gorgeous and customized designs that fit into the contemporary standards of our times.


  • Georgia Young


Georgia is another upcoming designer who has managed to put Australia on the map of bridal design. Based out of Melbourne, she ensures that brides enjoy customized gowns that meet their individual tastes and preferences for their wedding day.


  • Mignonette Bridal


This designer commits to the creation of designs that are marked by simplicity and femininity that makes you walk down the aisle feeling that every dimension of your womanhood is with you. The boutique, based out of Chicago, gives the modern bride an opportunity to explore both classic and contemporary designs.


  • Odylyne The Ceremony


This California-based designer offer brides a wide collection of inspirational designs meant to embellish their wedding day. Her out-of-the-box designs are inspired by different sources such as poetry and history to offer you the best you could ever dream of on your most memorable day.


  • Victor & Rolf


These designers are committed to offering the contemporary bride an opportunity to sample designs that shutter the established “rules” and free you into a new realm of creativity. You enjoy sampling cut-to-fit collections that will revolutionize your wedding ceremony.


  • Maticevski


Tony is another detail-oriented designer who offers you innovative designs that make your big day stand out. The Australia-based offers brides a wide collection of customized gowns for the great day of their lives.


  • Ashi Studio


This creative studio, based out of Beirut in Lebanon, seeks to redefine the way bridal design is done with its innovative collections. Although it may not have received the attention it deserves, the studio is slowly shaping itself a niche of satisfying the needs of the modern American brides in Lebanon and the larger Middle East region.

The world of bridal design is dynamic, and every year, it receives new player. If you are planning to wed, you should not worry about getting that “big and world renowned” designer. You only need to discover the nearest and most designer who can meet your needs and grow together. For this reason, we have compiled this list to help you know that there are excellent designers out there who may not be in your hall of fame list.