From Beach to Bar: Tips to Wearing Your Bathing Suit Cover-Up Out

Long summer days at the beach and warm evenings cruising around on the boat call for the right kind of clothing. Your swimsuit cover-ups are probably the most important part of your summer wardrobe because they’re easy to throw on and can be worn in all kinds of situations. We look for women’s swimsuit cover-ups with versatility so we feel just as comfortable throwing one on at the beach as we do wearing the same one out to dinner later that evening. Here’s our advice on how you can rock your cover-ups from beach to bar all summer long.

Keep it Casual with a Hoodie Coverup

When we think coverup, a lightweight, flowy dress usually comes to mind, but sometimes that breeze on the boat calls for something a little warmer. The long hoodie-style coverups are exactly what you need for times like these. After a day in the sun, throw on a cute hoodie coverup to stay warm while cruising back to the dock or take it along with you on an evening stroll along the beach. This style is casual, comfy, and super cute. And really, why limit yourself to just wearing this piece over your bathing suit? Stay cozy around the house in your hoodie coverup or pair it with jean shorts before heading out to go shopping with the girls.

Wear a Boho Tunic

Tunics are great swimsuit cover-ups because they’re usually made from a thin material that dries quickly so you’re not sitting at the bar in wet clothes for a few hours. You can just throw a tunic on over your bathing suit while on vacay or even just as a dress with a cute bralette underneath. Honestly, if you pair it with summer wedges, no one will even know you’re wearing your bathing suit cover-up out. And we definitely won’t tell.

Turn Colorful Dresses into a Cover-Up

Okay, so we just told you to take your tunic cover-up and pretend like it’s a dress. Well, guess what? You can do the same thing with all those colorful dresses in your closet. Just pretend they’re swimsuit cover-ups, too. The colorful dress is our absolutely most essential summer wardrobe item. It’s so comfy yet looks super cute. (Almost like you didn’t just throw it on five minutes before walking out of the house. Again, your secret’s safe with us.) You can make a casual dress work for everything from a graduation party to a beach cover-up and no one will even bat an eye. Midi-style colorful dresses are becoming popular for more formal occasions but really you can get away with one anytime. We prefer dresses that fall a little higher above the knee after a day on the beach or the boat just to get that breeze flowing and keep us cool.

Match Your Cover-Up with Your Bathing Suit

Mix-and-match swimsuits were huge for a while, but it seems like everyone is coming back around to the matching swimwear sets. Now you can complete your set with a matching cover-up. Okay, maybe not exactly matching, but try to incorporate the same color scheme. This trend turns your swimsuit into part of your outfit. Much like how bralettes are supposed to be seen (like through shirt side slits or beneath low necklines), your matching swimsuit can peek through. If you’re the adventurous type who loves water sports, a matching rash guard is the perfect way to keep yourself warm and safe while catching the waves.

Our Favorite Style Swimsuit Coverups to Wear Out

The Dress

Like we said, sundresses are so important to every girl’s summer wardrobe. You can slip literally any light dress over a swimsuit and be ready to hit up the bar or head to your friend’s cookout.

The Sarong

If you’re planning a tropical vacay this summer, you really need to bring a sarong along. While you’re lounging at the resort in your trendy swimwear, you can use your sarong as a quick cover-up while walking from the pool to the bar. Sarongs are literally the most fun swimsuit cover-up that you can have because there are so many ways to tie them. Wear it as a skirt, a halter or sleeveless dress or even use it as a light shawl if it’s chilly at night. But, if you’re planning to head from the beach to a night out, the sarong is probably not going to provide enough coverage to get into a bar or restaurant.

The Waist Tie

These types of women’s swimsuit cover-ups look kind of like the tunic-style shirts or dresses except there’s a drawstring tie at the waist. We love this style because you can throw it on if it’s a little chilly out on the boat but keep the tie undone to let your bathing suit peek through. Headed to dinner or a bar post-beach? No prob. Just tie the cover-up and voila—you’re wearing a shirt. Some cover-ups in this style are a little too short to wear as a dress, so you might have to pair it with some comfy jean shorts.

The Romper

This is one of our favorite cover-up styles. The romper is super easy to slip on when you’re getting ready to leave the beach. Usually cinched at the waist, this cover-up tends to give you a more shapely look.

With so many options for women’s swimsuit cover-ups, it’s tricky to pick which style you’re going to rock this year. We always try to give our wardrobe a little variety, so why not try a few styles? The sundress cover-up is everything and more. It can be worn to parties, restaurants, bars or the beach, but the sarong is a fun accessory that can change from dress to skirt. Pick what matches your personal style and then get out on the water and strut your stuff.