Caitlin Craig Lawrence Shares How to Look Trendy on a Budget

Rocking expensive designer clothing and accessories can make you feel good even as you hog all the limelight. However, keeping up with the latest trends in fashion can be an expensive and untenable hobby. If you do not have the money to splurge, there are still many ways to look trendy. You can start by developing your own personal style and making the most out of it. When you go shopping for clothes, shoes and other items, try to be creative and shop in the right places.

If you are keen on longevity, consider buying nice, timeless pieces that stand out. Some of the places you can buy cheap trendy clothes include thrift shops, online shops and departmental and big box bargain stores. You can also save tons of money by shopping during the off season to enjoy bountiful clearance sales. To maintain a hauteur closet, only buy items that you need even if the bargains are overriding. According to Scott Alan Turner everyday finance tips and guide, here are 5 tips to look trendy on a budget that fashionistas like Caitlin Craig Lawrence approve of:

1. Shop fine classic items
You can make your wardrobe trendy with fashionable items by investing in classical chic items that you can wear at any time and last many years. This is important because maintaining a small wardrobe with superior quality items can be more rewarding than having a closet full of cheap, ill-fitting items. The best timeless pieces for men include a non-wrinkle shirt and perfect fitting pants. Women may consider a gorgeous black dress, romantic eternal earrings and infinity scarf.

2. Review your wardrobe 
Before spending any money on clothes or shoes you have always wanted, pause for a minute and look at your wardrobe. The assessment will help you decide what you need and do not need. For example, if you have too many white and blue tops and no reds, you may consider adding the latter. The same principle applies to pants, belts, shoes, t-shirts, handbags and so on.

3. Consider selling, trading or tossing what you do not need
If you have a big closet with lots of items that you don’t need, consider trading, selling or tossing the items. You can use sites like eBay to auction or sell clothes, then use the extra cash to upgrade the wardrobe with a trendy collection. You can also donate to charity or offer the items to friends.

4. Decide the type of fashion you want
Based on your budget, you need to know the specific things you need to buy. For instance, if you have $300 set out for clothes; decide whether you want to buy a designer pullover from high street brands like Chanel or a bargain store like Wal-Mart, where you can get several $25 tops. Your inner intuition should help you find something compelling. What you should avoid is the urge to buy something cheap through impulse at the expense of a trendy item out of your budget range.

5. Set a budget
The other cost-effective strategy to upgrade your wardrobe is setting how much you want to spend each month on clothing and other fashionable items. Based on the assessment of your finances and level of commitment, you can make sacrifices elsewhere to achieve the targeted goal. For instance, you can eat out less frequently or forego cable TV. If your budget is $200, make sure you commit this money every month on clothes and other wearables.

How to keep old pieces trendy
There are also a few tricks that can help you spruce up a wardrobe with old clothing. According to Cosmopolitan magazine, these strategies include replacing old buttons, buying “like new” pieces and having everything tailored to fit your style. With a little creativity and a bit of experience, you can buy a cheap set of clothes and have it tailored to look and fit you perfectly. For the buttons, simply ditch the old plastic collection in favor of more valuable and industrially refined buttons. 

You may contemplate choosing buttons made with large pearls, metals or bones. To preserve your clothes, avoid frequent washing because doing so usually distorts the quality of the fabric and causes fading. The other preservation technique is using a sponge to perform spot cleaning. Instead of ironing your apparel, invest in a good quality steamer. Non-contact steamers are effective in clearing wrinkles and cleaning synthetic fabrics that cannot be ironed in the usual manner like silk and satin. 

Making a splash with yellow and green
Fashion designers often chose different color hues to complement the styles they are trying to create. For instance, yellow is generally associated with good times and happiness. For a lady who wants to stay cool and stylish, a yellow dress made from natural fibers like cotton or linen can easily fit the bill. Yellow pieces can be paired with greens, blacks and gray monochromes. According to the Trend spotter, bright yellow and green pieces are popular because they look remarkable with all skin complexions. If you have a cool toned skin complexion, you can sharpen up your outlook by adding shimmering greens and sunlit yellows to your summer collection. 

A yellow blazer can be paired perfectly with green jeans or grey skirt. Eva Longoria, Michelle Keegan and Gwen Stephanie are just a few of many female celebrities who have flaunted yellow blazers. Caitlin Craig Lawrence is a leading fashion designer keen on exploiting the true essence of yellow and green hues. Her Kansas based fashion house recently unveiled a universally flattering light yellow, single breast blazer and blouse with matching green jeans. The wide array of summer outfits from Caitlin Craig Lawrence is inspired by contemporary trends shaping the fashion industry. The trends include celebrity fashion and natural floral patterns.