Four Tips for Buying Maternity Dresses You’ll Love For Your Whole Pregnancy

When your body changes during pregnancy, dressing your new shape can feel like a daily challenge. It often feels like your bump has a mind of its own, meaning that there’s no way of knowing whether an outfit will fit from one day to the next. Don’t stress it, we’ve got some options for you.

Here are four top tips to help you find maternity dresses that you’ll love throughout your whole pregnancy.

Don’t Hide Your Bump

Your maternity wardrobe doesn’t have to disguise your pregnancy bump. In fact, many modern mums-to-be favour figure hugging maternity dresses that showcase their growing bump instead. Your body shape is changing, so it makes sense to embrace that changing shape, rather than pretend that it isn’t happening.

Wearing dresses that are cut to accentuate your figure will also stop you from feeling frumpy: after all, no one wants to feel drowned in layers of material that makes them look and feel twice their size. Your body’s hard at work growing a human being, it deserves a wardrobe that makes you feel your best.

Embrace Colour

There’s no denying that a black maternity dress will be versatile and easy to wear, but they can often be boring. Experiment with bolder colours on your new shape to really stand out and feel confident.

Bright jewel shades like emerald green, royal blue and ruby red are all great choices and will look great paired with your favourite maternity basics, such as a black leggings or tailored blue maternity jeans.

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Red wrap front maternity dress from SilkFred

The key to wearing bright colours when you’re pregnant is coordination. Add a matching scarf, cardigan or accessory from your existing wardrobe to tie the look together and ensure you look coordinated from head to toe.

Widen the Search

Don’t limit yourself by only shopping with specific maternity brands. Many mums-to-be don’t realise that mainstream fashion brands, such as SilkFred, also offer maternity wear pieces. By widening your shopping options, you are much more likely to put together a look that is unique and feels like pre-pregnancy you.

Accessories, shoes, and many pieces (such as jackets or cardigans) don’t have to be bought from maternity brands either, giving you a lot more styles and range to choose from.

Love to Layer

Your body goes through a myriad of changes when you’re pregnant, and this can have an impact on your core body temperature. It doesn’t matter whether your blood usually runs hot or cold, when you’re pregnant it’s likely to jump from one extreme to the other in a matter of minutes.

Combat these temperature swings by layering your outfits. A knitted maternity dress is probably going to leave you hot and flustered, try cotton or chiffon instead dress instead, then layer up with a cardigan if the temperature drops. That way it’s easy to add or remove layers, leaving you with an outfit that looks good and feels even better, no matter what your body’s doing at any stage of your pregnancy.