Find Your Perfect Summer Knitwear

The summer season isn’t particularly renowned for its surge in knitwear, but you may be surprised as how handy it can be. Thanks to changeable weather, cool evenings and the odd shower, knitwear is still part of many people’s wardrobes across the UK and Ireland. Providing that extra layer, buying summer knitwear could be the difference between getting caught in a chilly spell or continuing your plans in comfort. As we come into the summer months, you may be wondering how you should make sure your wardrobe is ready. The truth is, you shouldn’t pack away your sweaters just yet

If you’re looking for the perfect summer knitwear to see you through the unpredictable weather, you may want to consider investing in an Irish sweater. Somewhat of a legacy, the Irish sweater originated from the Aran Islands and have been an important part of Irish culture ever since.

Irish sweaters are a popular choice throughout the year, but particularly in summer. They were initially created to protect the men as they went out to work in the harsh weather, and so were made from quality wool that helped you remain comfortable and dry. Using insulating materials, Irish sweaters are able to help keep you cool in the summer; so you can wear them as an extra layer, without overheating!

So, if you’re looking for some handy summer knitwear to add to your wardrobe this year, where do you start?

Irish sweaters

One of the most popular types of knitwear out there, you’ll have seen an abundance of Irish sweaters without even realising it. Characterised by various knitting patterns, including cable knit, each type of Irish sweater is connected to life on the historic Aran Islands.

The cable stitch was said to represent the fisherman’s ropes, while other popular styles such as the diamond stitch represents the fields on the islands. It’s these styles that made the Irish sweaters what they are today. Adapted to modern fashion without taking away from the traditional appearance, Irish sweaters are created in so many different colours to appeal to the different seasons as well as everyone’s varying taste.

Cardigans and jackets

Some of the most versatile knitwear out there, cardigans and jackets offer the perfect in-between. Not a full sweater but not a winter coat either, knitted cardigans could be that extra layer you’ve been looking for. Whether it’s a cool evening or a sudden drop in temperature, a zip up cardigan could be a lifesaver.

With both men and women’s designs out there, you can protect yourself from the elements and then simply carry it over your arm when the good weather makes a return. One of the best summer accessories, you’ll never be caught short. With so many styles and colours to choose from, you may even end up spoilt for choice!

Blankets and throws

Of course, it’s not just your wardrobe that needs an update for summer. Your home may not always feel quite so warm in the summer, especially if the temperatures haven’t got to the heights you expected. Rather than turning the heating up in the middle of July, why not invest in a few accessories to make your home feel cosy and comfortable enough?

Blankets and throws a great way to add extra décor to your home and can be easily put away the minute the weather improves again. Useable all year round, they add a welcoming effect to your home! What’s more, you can use them in addition to your duvet should the summer nights turn colder.