Fashionable Trends to Consider When Decorating Your Apartment

Are you planning to redecorate your luxury apartment home soon? Before you start, you need to learn what trends are popular, and which are no longer considered fashionable. Here are some hot interior design trends that will help you create a chic, attractive space.


Incorporate Natural Elements

Bringing nature indoors continues to be a popular trend. While you may not want to bring actual live elements of nature, look for ways to incorporate stone, granite, and wood into your design. Faux plants and live houseplants add to this trend, and also help your space feel clean and inviting.

Embrace the Rise of Velvet

Velvet is becoming a popular trend in today’s apartment homes. This soft, multi-dimensional fabric is becoming one of the most sought-after elements in modern designs. Incorporate it through pillows or actual furnishings as you plan for your redecorating.

Add Some Feminine Hues

Soft feminine tones, like rose and blush, are showing up in homes and apartments this year. Add these alongside bronze to create a warm, soft feel to the space. The softer tone of these pinks allows the space to feel neutral while still embracing these interesting colors. This pink has been so popular that it’s actually been given a new name – Millennial Pink.

Consider Some Florals

Florals come and go, and this year they are definitely in. look for modernized floral patterns, and consider incorporating them through accent walls or upholstery. Keep in mind that this is a trend that tends to leave just as quickly as it comes, so don’t go overboard, but embrace the fresh, colorful look while it lasts.

Invest in Over-the-Top Art

In past years, art was minimalistic. Today, over-the-top art is making a comeback. Bright, bold artwork, especially when it serves as a statement piece, adds quite a bit of character to your space. Choose carefully, and make it a piece you truly love, but don’t be afraid to go big with your art accents.

Accent with Brass or Copper

No matter what color palette you choose for your decor, use brass and copper as the chosen accent colors. These warm metals contrast with the stainless steel and chrome of past years. It is a subtle metal, which will create an elegant feel for you home.

Opt for Geometric Patterns

From tile backsplashes to accent walls in your bedroom, if you aren’t going to go with florals, consider geometric patterns. This trend is expected to grow in popularity, with bolder and larger patterns showing up. Remember to start small, because it’s easy to go overboard with this trend, but don’t be afraid to embrace a little bit of pattern in your space.

Redecorating and redesigning your apartment can be a highly rewarding task. Take these trends to heart, and enjoy the beauty of a newly designed space.