Emilio Pucci Pre-Fall 2013 Collection

For the Emilio Pucci Pre-fall 2013 collection, Peter Dundas takes sexy and simple to another level.  The sixties played a big inspiration in not just Dundas, but many pre-fall collections, the twenties were inspirational in Dundas collection as well.  His collections consisted of coats, jackets from biker to blazers, mini dresses to jumpsuits and long gowns that will probably be seen on the red carpet.

Pucci is known for its prints and they play on the tiniest of mini dresses, jumpsuits, and a long sheer gown that can work on vacation or for a movie premiere with the right undergarments.

Punched with youth and glamour, Peter Dundas presents a Fall 2013 Emilio Pucci collection writ largely with the magnetism of graphic tones and patterns. Take a look at the photos and choose your next outfit from this gorgeous collection!


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