Easy Tricks for Fabulous Hair Extensions


With hair extensions, you instantly have the length and volume you need to try out countless styles. If you’re new to hair extensions, a good place to start is by learning some basic tricks that will allow you to gain the most from your extensions. You can achieve stunning results with very little effort by using these tips.

1. Blend Your Extensions with Your Natural Hair

Blend Your Extensions with Your Natural Hair.jpg

Image – pexels.com

For seamless results, your extensions need to be indistinguishable from your natural hair. This is easier to achieve than you may think – and it doesn’t involve any brushing! In fact, brushing extensions to combine them with your natural hair is a common beginner mistake. Unfortunately, this does more harm than good by decreasing the lifespan of your extensions.

A better option is to apply the extensions and then straighten them along with your natural hair. It’s important to note that you should straighten the extensions only after you’ve applied them – if you do it before, the texture will differ from your natural hair and look out of place.

2. Conceal the Ends of Long Extensions

If your natural hair is much shorter than the extensions, it will be helpful to hide the ends. A simple way to do this is to curl the extensions instead of straightening them. Again, it’s important to curl your natural hair and extensions together.

For the best results, pin your hair up after forming each curl. Roll the curls into a single section and hold them there until your hair has cooled down.

3. Give Your Extensions a Feathered Look

Give Your Extensions a Feathered Look.jpg

Image – pexels.com

Another way to make your extensions appear more natural is to create a feathered effect. This involves applying the extensions at an angle on the root. Place the back of a tail comb against your head to draw an angle that starts high at the front of your head and drops lower as you reach the back of your head. This will make the ends of the hair appear softer, much more like your own hair.

4. Prepare Thin Hair for Extensions

Extensions are a great way to add volume to thin hair. However, it’s necessary to conceal those thin wisps on your neck. Otherwise, they’ll make it obvious that you’re wearing extensions.

A simple way to hide wisps is to twist or weave them with your finger and pin them out of the way with a bobby pin. Only once you’ve done this, should you apply the extensions.

5. Try a High Ponytail

Try a High Ponytail.jpg

Image – freepik.com

To put your natural hair into a basic ponytail, it only needs to reach your shoulders. However, you need length for a high ponytail – and for a very high ponytail, you also need volume. It will only take a couple minutes to put your extensions in a ponytail, but it’s definitely effective. In fact, high ponytails are one of the major reasons why extensions are gaining so much popularity recently.

For the perfect high ponytail, tie just a small section of your hair in the middle of your crown. Leave the hair on the sides and beneath the ponytail loose for now. Next, clip a few sections of hair extensions around the ponytail. Repeat the process until the ponytail is the thickness you want. Finally, take all the hair from under your ponytail and wrap it around the extensions. Hold everything in place with a hair tie.

Try this look if you want to gain confidence. It’s an ideal everyday style, such as for work and semi-formal events. Plus, it allows you to have even the longest length of extensions available without needing to worry too much about maintenance.

Bear in mind that if you want hair extensions exclusively for a ponytail, an even faster option will be to purchase a ponytail extension.

6. Take Care of Your Extensions

Applying and styling hair extensions is only the beginning – you also need to treat them well. This will help them last up to months longer than they would have otherwise.

Wash and condition extensions with products specially designed for hair extensions. This will avoid stripping them of life but make them softer, allowing you to remove tangles without damaging the extensions. Also make sure to use the right comb or brush. A loop brush is best, as it avoids static electricity.

There’s no need to feel daunted by hair extensions. With just a little experimentation, you’ll find that they’re easy to use and can create fantastic looks. By starting with some simple tricks, you can prepare to work up to more elaborate styles in the future.