Doe Deere Announces New Venture; Jewelry Company Poppy Angeloff Launches an Invisible Boutique

Fans of the makeup company Lime Crime are overjoyed at the recent announcement that founder, Doe Deere, is now launching a brand new company. She has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, starting her first business selling temporary tattoos at age 13. Moving into the world of jewelry was a natural transition for her. The company is called Poppy Angeloff and will specialize in incredibly creative jewelry.

Like Lime Crime, Poppy Angeloff places a strong emphasis on bright, bold colors and strong symbolism. Doe Deere and Kat want each piece of jewelry to promote strong symbolism rather than being just a generic piece of jewelry that looks pretty. The duo sees jewelry as almost like a type of secret handshake that helps kindred spirits to recognize each other.

The premise behind the creation of the Poppy Angeloff collection is one of simple need. Doe notes that she and the majority of the women in her family all have very small hands and wrists, which make it difficult to find jewelry that fits them, bracelets in particular.

Doe founded the company with her sister, Kat Dey. The duo came up with the idea for the company due to the fact that all of the women in her family are consistently very petite. They struggle with the fact that they have small hands and wrists and often have difficulty finding jewelry that flatters their small wrists and hands.

Currently, the company is operating in what Doe and Dey call an “invisible boutique.” The website is up with inventory, but it is gated and requires a code to get in. The duo will be inviting website visitors and friends to enter their email in order to get a chance at a code, but it is not a surefire way to get in. Of course, this marketing tactic is simply hyping Poppy Angeloff even more and people are flocking to Instagram to follow the brand.

Doe Deere believes that every single person has something truly special about them. She and Kat want each piece of jewelry in the Poppy Angeloff collection to feel like something incredibly special. The symbol for the company is a gorgeous Pansy. The Pansy will flow into every aspect of the company, including the website, packaging and the jewelry designs. The two chose this due to the fact that a Pansy meant, ‘I love you’ in the Victorian era. She and Kat are thrilled to work together and are not afraid to move slowly with the new company. They want it to be truly something special. They want their jewelry to be true statement pieces, the kind that you give someone as a cherished gift.

About Doe Deere and Lime Crime

Doe Deere is famously known as the founder of Lime Crime, a beauty brand that has developed a dedicated following of fans that have been described as cult-like. The company offers wildly bright and creative beauty products for lips, eyes, face and nails. Lime Crime also offers dyes in wild, bright colors that have become extremely popular. The goal of the company is to encourage people everywhere to use makeup to express their personal style and inner personality as loudly as they would like.

The company was founded simply due to the fact that Doe wanted to express herself through bright, vivid makeup but was unable to find any. When the company was founded it was the era of the nudes and neutrals in the world of makeup. This would not work for Doe and since she couldn’t find anything that suited her, she simply launched her own company.