How to Properly Prep Your Skin for This Fall Season

Because it’s not overly hot or insufferably cold, many people tend to assume that the fall season is kinder to skin. However, just because the temperatures aren’t at their extremes, that doesn’t mean that your skin can suddenly get by without adequate protection.

You still need to be on top of your skin care even if the leaves have turned yellow and brown. Otherwise, you may be in for one long winter of discontent.

Here’s the good news though, properly getting your skin ready for the fall season is not that hard to do, provided that you keep some things in mind.

Remember to Keep Moisturizing

Speaking to Vogue, dermatologist Francesca Fusco M.D. noted that it is important for people to continue moisturizing their skin even though it is no longer scorching hot every single day. Dry skin is an issue not only when it’s hot but also when the temperature starts to drop.

During an earlier interview with, Tulane University clinical professor of dermatology Elizabeth McBurney M.D. explained that the skin dries out when it’s cold because the weather irritates it and there’s not enough moisture hanging in the air to keep it hydrated.

Obviously, this means that people should really do their best to maintain their moisturizing habits, or else their skin will suffer significantly.

Don’t Forget Your Sunscreen Too

Again, because the sun is no longer bearing down on people mercilessly during the fall, there may be some out there who will assume that they can save a little money on skincare by applying sunscreen less often.

That is not a good idea though.

Just because the sun isn’t blazing hot anymore on a daily basis, that does not mean that it will no longer be able to affect your skin. Continue to remain vigilant when it comes to applying sunscreen. However, Dr. Fusco does say that applying SPF 30 at least once in the morning will be good enough for that day.

Revitalize Your Skin by Stimulating the Collagen

Dr. Fusco recommends moving away from the daily usage of toner now that the fall season is here, and you can replace that in your regimen with something that works to stimulate the collagen in your skin.

Collagen is responsible for determining the thickness and suppleness of your skin, and you want to stimulate so that new collagen keeps getting produced. One of the ways to do that is through applying peptides.

Products like Genucel Eyelid Treatment contain the peptides you will need to keep your skin looking as young and fresh as it possibly can. Apply it every now and then to your skin, and you will see the real difference firsthand. Also, if you’ve noticed that your eyelids are starting to droop, Genucel can help with that too, and you can do that not just in preparation for the fall, but for the entire year if you want to.

A Household Remedy That Can Help

Even if you’re skin has already entered that dreaded dry phase, there is still something you can do for it. suggests placing your head above a bowl of boiling water and letting the steam rising up help your skin. Do this for a few minutes and the dryness should subside at least a little bit.

The fall season is supposed to be a fun time full of gorgeous scenery, pumpkin spice, and cool weather. It should not be the time for skin problems however, and you can avoid that by following the tips mentioned above. Take the time to have fun this fall, but also don’t forget the simple things you need to do to keep your skin nice and healthy.