DIY Tips for Creating a Heavenly Bedroom

As the go-to place for rest and relaxation, the bedroom should be the coziest, most comfortable room in the house. No matter what the primary décor may be, there are plenty of extra touches you can add to the boudoir to instantly soften it up. Turning your bedroom into a peaceful haven needn’t require a complete makeover; here are some simple DIY ideas to transform your sleeping space.

The center piece of any bedroom is a beautiful bed, one that not only looks luxurious but feels it too. Give any bedframe an instant overhaul by swapping the old mattress for a super-supportive, memory-foam one like this from Eve. With online ordering and simple delivery, Eve comes recommended for their hassle-free approach to mattress shopping, while the temperature-control technology and extra durable design make for superior bedroom comfort.

In addition to a blissful mattress, luxury bedding is one of the most effective ways to create an inviting sleeping space. Pure white cotton adds classic elegance and spa-like tranquility, whilst frilled, ruched or embroidered sets create a more feminine, boudoir feel. To bring a touch of opulence to an otherwise plain bedroom, opt for a satin duvet cover in rich tones.

Every great bed needs beautiful accessories, so finish off with some well-placed cushions and throws. Faux fur makes any bed warm and snug, whilst patterned pillows add a splash of color; from oriental designs to geometric prints, bed accessories also present an easy way to introduce a subtle theme.

A heavenly bedroom also calls for atmospheric lighting, so add fairly lights or crystal lampshades to create a soft glow. Alternatively, teardrop lights make for a cozy ambience whilst complementing more modern bedroom décor.

Finally, tired bedroom furniture can be instantly transformed with a lick of paint and some low-cost add-ons. Lighten up any room by painting old drawers off-white or duck-egg blue, and replace the standard handles with customized ones; screw-in handles are easy to fix on and come in a variety of colors, styles and patterns to suit any theme.

There are many quick and easy DIY fixes that can transform your bedroom, and these are just a few to get you started. A huge variety of bedroom accessories can be found on Amazon, as well as different sizes of the Eve mattress, so take a look and see what takes your fancy. Cushions, lamps, funky drawer and door handles, and these clever DIY storage solutions may also come in handy for creating a clutter-free bedroom that is as relaxing as possible.