Gowns are essential occasional attire for every woman around the world and of late, one can choose from a myriad of designs, color, fabric and style that perfectly matches your look and physique. Today, more and more Asian girls, especially Indians are choosing gowns instead of any other ethnic or traditional Indian wear to look more beautiful and pretty for their special day, be it a private party or a wedding. It is a known fact that fashion designers all over the world love to dress-up their models in splendid wedding gowns, off shoulder gowns and in party & evening gowns that features floral motifs / embellishments which are done in soothing fabric material. The blend of flawless craftsmanship on fabric and the soft soothing colors make today’s party gowns, the most preferred fashion clothing item among young style conscious divas, celebrities and ordinary women who love to dress up gorgeously and in a stately manner for their special day. It is embroidered bridal gowns, party gowns and reception gowns that are the hot favorite among the fashion conscious divas and beautiful ladies that love grace, charm and aura.


Western style of clothing and fashion has evolved over the years and today’s bridal attires as well as party attires are far more gorgeous, rich and stately in appeal by the virtue of their sheer craftsmanship and bold cuts that make them the most desired fashion clothing among all women. In India too, there is an incredible demand for Western style outfits as some of the leading and prolific Indian fashion designers have come up with some majestic looking Indo Western gowns that best serves an occasion, be it a festive occasion, a party or a wedding. The beautiful prints, pristine quality silk / satin fabric, intricate hand embroidery work, lacework, floral embellishments and off shoulder cuts adds to the exquisite beauty and charm of one such royal dress that was actually associated with the court of the royals. It is a splendidly hand woven wedding gown that is considered a bread & butter outfit for every single Western woman who is about to wed and this trend is fast catching up among Asian women too, especially in India and Philippines where girls are carrying themselves beautifully in this particular attire for their auspicious day.


Indian bridal attires are considered magic in fabric with a riot of colors that is coupled with intricate Zari and Zardozi embroidery, making one such outfit, truly appealing to the eyes. The Western as well as Indo Western gowns too bear the same testimony of typical Indian craftsmanship through the extensive use of Zari threads and Sequins that produce a dazzling and sparkling effect on attires. Therefore, if you are in the mindset that while shopping for gowns, you would be presented with those same old boring shades and color schemes, you’re sadly mistaken as Indian fashion designers and stores have brought something really colorful and dynamic in the exclusive domain of bridal clothing and western party wear that catches the attention of all fashion lovers and followers.