Getting the Best Wedding Photographer in India

A wedding is like a milestone in your life and changes it forever. It is a memory that lasts and an occasion which every person keeps close to their heart. Therefore, it is only important to have some of the best pictures and videos from the occasion which you can look back to even after years. When my older brother decided to get married, I decided to take the responsibility of making his marriage a memorable event which includes finding the best wedding photographer in Chennai.

Now, it was much easier to make plans and come up with ideas for the marriage. However, executing them was the real challenge. It took a lot of time and effort but finally my ideas and plans were put into places.  It crossed my mind that no matter how good the preparations are, it will only be complete when we hire a great wedding photographer who can capture the best moments through his lens.

My search began from the internet of course. I tried to search for the perfect photographer as it is a really important job. These moments happen once in a lifetime and hence you need someone you can trust upon to capture them correctly. So I went through many photographers and shortlisted a few based on their user reviews. I contacted them, which was very difficult since most had outdated numbers or no particular contact numbers. I talked to a few photographers, checked their photos and was really surprised that most of them lacked the creativity I was looking for which left me worried.

UrbanClap to the Rescue

I was worried I couldn’t get a photographer right in time to capture the wedding photos and make my brother’s wedding a memorable one. I contacted some relatives and friends and told them about the problem. Fortunately, my friend Muskan had an idea. She immediately told me about the UrbanClap app and told me that I can easily find the best wedding photographer in Chennai within minutes on this app.

I was still skeptical about hiring unknown photographers from an app which I hadn’t used before. But she assured me that she has been a regular user of the app for awhile now and asked me to give the app a try.

After much debate, I installed the app, and as soon as I opened it and went to the wedding photographer section, I was happily amazed to see so many options. Also, to make it even better, most of them had positive reviews. I went through some of the top wedding photographers in Chennai which were listed on the app and checked their reviews as well as ratings. I sent the ones I liked personal messages. After a while, I started receiving mails from the photographers which I had contacted. I was really shocked to see such quick response.

I checked the price quotes and their previous works, but one photographer by the name Vijay Mathur caught my attention. He had amazing photos and charged a relatively fair amount for his services as compared to other photographers. It was hardly believable but it was true. I immediately accepted his offer and called him for meeting.

The Reasons to chooseUrbanClap

Booking professionals through an app can sometimes make you feel uneasy; Not knowing if you’re hiring the right person. But through an online platform like UrbanClap, you can come across some really good people who are really dedicated to their job and are looking to provide you some great and genuine services. Vijay was one of the first people to arrive on all events of my brother’s wedding. He was really coordinating and discussed with us about how he can take some great pictures and whether we approve his ideas or not. He worked with utmost dedication.

I couldn’t imagine how just a few days ago I was so worried if I would be able to find even a half decent photographer. But now, by using UrbanClap and entrusting their app, I was able to find one of the best wedding photographers in town. Even my brother and his wife were so happy about the pictures. Their smiles and satisfaction really made me thankful to UrbanClap for helping me find a great wedding photographer in Chennai. It’s the best app to find any service provider and you can trust them.

How you too can book wedding photographers from UrbanClap?

When I look at the photos from the wedding, I feel really satisfied. If you are also stuck in finding a good wedding photographer, I suggest you try Urbanclap. Finding wedding photographers on this app is a really simple process. All that you are required to do is install the app from the AppStore, open it and search for the service you need. You can see different professionals’ ratings and read their customers’ reviews as well. And on top of it all, you can easily contact the ones you like from within the app.

I am so thankful to both Vijay and UrbanClap for making this experience a smooth one and for helping me make my brother’s wedding much more special.